Cruel Coursing: Deluded Cork Councillors not representing views of majority

14 Jan

deluded cork councillors not representing views of majority copy

Thirty-six Cork County Councillors have deluded themselves into believing that hare coursing is “no longer cruel”. At a council meeting on Monday (9 Jan 2023), they shamefully voted to reject a motion calling on the government to ban hare coursing.

The motion, presented by Green Party Councillors Alan O’Connor and Liam Quaide, asked the council to write to Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue “to request that a nationwide ban on hare coursing be introduced”.

Similar motions have already been passed by Sligo County Council and Fingal County Council.

In defending the bloodsport, Fine Gael Councillor Eileen Lynch – who is a member of the Irish Coursing Club “executive committee” – stated that according to a study carried out by Queens University, there were 18 times more hares where there was coursing. However, that study is severely compromised, as just one coursing club (East Donegal) was surveyed and the hare count was carried out by the coursers themselves!

Not only that, but the coursers are finding it difficult to get enough hares for their barbaric cruelty. They snatched 5,443 hares from the wild in 2011/12, while ten years later in 2021/22, the number caught was 3,690 – a drop of more than 30% (source: National Parks & Wildlife Service).

Cork councillors who claimed that hare coursing is not cruel are into denial. Every single hare snatched from the wild to be used as live bait for greyhounds suffers extreme terror and stress, and hares continue to be injured and killed at coursing meetings.

And as for hare coursing being “well regulated”, all the regulations in the world, and the presence of vets and NPWS officers standing by, won’t alleviate the terror and suffering endured by defenceless hares running for their lives.

There is certainly no urban/rural divide when it comes to hare coursing, and this so-called attack on rural Ireland is a total myth! In fact, a 2019 RED C poll revealed that a whopping 77% of Irish citizens want the government to ban hare coursing (a breakdown shows that 78% of rural dwellers and 76% of urban dwellers are in favour of a ban).

The Cork County Councillors who voted against the motion are clearly not representing the views of the vast majority of their constituents.

Thanks to Green Party Councillors Alan O’Connor and Liam Quaide for presenting the motion and Cllrs Cathal Rasmussen (Labour) and Paul Hayes (Ind) for supporting it.

Shame on the 36 Councillors who rejected the motion.

There are renewed calls on the government to respect the wishes of the majority and finally consign coursing to history. Please join calls for a ban by responding to the action alert below.


Tell Heritage Minister Darragh O’Brien and Minister of State Malcolm Noonan to give full protection to the Irish Hare and stop licensing cruel coursing.

Email “Stop all hare coursing, hare hunting and hare shooting NOW” to;

Minister Darragh O’Brien (Fianna Fail, Dublin Fingal)
Tel: (01) 618 3802 OR (086) 251 9893

Malcolm Noonan TD (Green Party, Carlow Kilkenny)
Minister of State for Heritage
Tel: (01) 888 2425 OR (01) 618 3156

It is time for politicians to consign coursing and hunting to history. Join us in contacting all TDs and urging them to act to ensure that a ban is urgently introduced. Visit the Oireachtas website for contact details

Urge the leaders of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, the Green Party, Sinn Fein and Labour to respect the wishes of the majority and ban hare coursing.

Micheál Martin TD
Leader, Fianna Fail
Phone: 021-432 0088
Leinster House: 01–618 3000

Leo Varadkar TD
Leader, Fine Gael
Telephone: 01-619 4020
Tweet to:

Eamon Ryan TD
Leader, Green Party
Tel: 01 618 3894

Mary Lou McDonald TD
Leader, Sinn Fein
Tel: (01) 727 7102

Ivana Bacik TD
Leader, The Labour Party
Tel: (01) 6183136

Contact Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Green Party, Sinn Fein and Labour Party TDs and urge them to pledge support for Paul Murphy TD’s upcoming Animal Health & Welfare (Ban on Hare Coursing) Bill 2020.

Fianna Fáil TDs;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Fine Gael TDs;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Patrick.O’;;;;;;;;;

Green Party TDs;;;;;;;;;;;

Sinn Fein TDs;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Labour Party TDs;;;;;;

Please sign and share the petitions

Ban Blood Sports in Ireland

Sinn Fein: Support a ban on cruel hare coursing

Ireland – Ban cruel hare coursing

Please support our campaign with a donation


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