Woodgreen calls for end to “outdated and unnecessary” greyhound racing

6 Oct

wood green withdraws from greyhound forum

A big THANK YOU to Woodgreen Pets Charity (UK) for joining calls for a ban on dog-killing greyhound racing.

The positive move coincides with announcements from the RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Blue Cross that they want to see greyhound racing ended as soon as possible.

Condemning the activity as an “outdated and unnecessary sport”, Woodgreen said in a statement that “the time to end greyhound racing is now long overdue.”

The charity has also “stepped down from the Greyhound Forum with immediate effect, due to concerns that the industry is not doing enough to improve the lives of racing greyhounds”.

In its statement, it outlined that up to now, it “has always wanted to see a world without greyhound racing, but recognised that there was insufficient public or regulatory appetite for making that a reality”

It said that as part of the Greyhound Forum – “created more than a decade ago to address concerns about welfare and the number of greyhounds coming into rehoming centres” – it had “played a key role in a number of positive changes”. These were listed as “ensuring that greyhounds have access to drinking water in track kennels”, “securing a ban on anti-bark collars, which are a cruel and ineffective training tool” and the publication of injury statistics.

However, it added that “regrettably, the charity has failed to see enough change from the industry and has now withdrawn from the Greyhound Forum.”

Woodgreen’s CEO Clive Byles commented: “We have tried to work collaboratively with the greyhound racing industry to improve welfare conditions for dogs. Progress has been too slow and we continue to see too many greyhounds injured – often with fatal results. Despite our best efforts, we do not believe the Greyhound Forum is able to sufficiently address these issues and we believe we must call time on greyhound racing altogether.”

Read the full statement and find out more about Woodgreen at


RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Blue Cross want to see an end to greyhound racing as soon as possible

Dogs Trust Ireland calling for greyhound racing to be ended

Battersea won’t join calls for a ban on greyhound racing


Urge Battersea to join calls for a ban on dog-killing greyhound racing.

Email: info@battersea.org.uk
Tel: 0800 001 4444.
Tweet: @Battersea_ @CEO_Battersea

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