Westmeath Examiner highlights suffering and death at Mullingar greyhound track

10 Sep

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Thanks to the Westmeath Examiner for highlighting the suffering and death at Mullingar greyhound stadium.

In a report this week headed “Local greyhound stadium ‘one of worst for injuries and deaths’ says animal rights group”, the newspaper quoted from an ICABS statement in which we focused on some of the track’s latest victims, i.e. two greyhounds who “died on impact” after hitting a trackside wall and fence earlier this year.

Sickening injury and death data obtained by Independents 4 Change TD, Joan Collins revealed that on 8th February, a “greyhound collided with boundry [sic] wall [and] died on impact”, while on 19th April a greyhound “fell at first bend and died on impact with boundary fence”.
The figures also show that of the 16 greyhounds who were injured at Mullingar stadium in the first half of the year, 12 (or 75%) were “put to sleep” by the track vet.

Since 2015, at least 286 greyhounds have suffered injuries at the Mullingar track and 90 died or were killed. Among the injuries suffered by dogs there are “severed spine” and fractured hock bones. In December 2019, a greyhound died at the end of a race after falling and suffering a broken neck.

In a statement issued to the Westmeath Examiner, Greyhound Racing Ireland said “Mullingar would be commonly known as the sharpest track in the country” and that “it has been determined that a further realignment of the first bend may be beneficial”. However, dogs will almost certainly continue falling, sustaining painful injuries and dying at Mullingar track – as they do at all tracks. GRI statistics show that at tracks around Ireland in the past seven years, at least 2,315 greyhounds suffered injuries and 788 died or were killed.

In its statement, GRI quoted greyhound rehoming figures. The accuracy of these have previously been questioned after greyhounds listed on the GRI website as “rehomed” were found to have been exported to Spain, China and Pakistan – countries where horrendous cruelty occurs.

There was no mention in the GRI statement about the thousands of greyhounds killed behind the scenes every year because they don’t make the grade.

As revealed in RTE’s award-winning “Greyhounds running for their lives”, around 6,000 greyhounds are “put down” every year in Ireland simply because they are not fast enough to win races.

The documentary featured content from a Greyhound Racing Ireland-commissioned report which estimated, for example, that a total of 17,962 greyhounds were culled in 2013, 2014 and 2015. They were killed for “failure to produce qualifying times”, “failure to produce desired entry level times” and for an “unacceptable decline in performance”. Read the report at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X94XJGXdHtxLvraoya5rP8NE48FkwxqQ/view

Read the full Westmeath Examiner article at

Local greyhound stadium ‘one of worst for injuries and deaths’ says animal rights group

Find out more about injuries and deaths at tracks around Ireland at



Another €19.2 million of scarce public funds has been granted to greyhound racing for 2021. Since 2001, greyhound racing has received more than a quarter of a billion euros of taxpayers’ money. Please contact your local TDs and demand that they act to stop the the funding.

Visit the Oireachtas website for contact details for TDs https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/members/tds/?term=/ie/oireachtas/house/dail/33

Urge the leaders of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, the Green Party, Sinn Fein and Labour to stop the funding and back a ban on cruel greyhound racing

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Irish Government: Stop Giving Millions of Euro to Cruel Greyhound Racing

Stop supporting the cruel greyhound “industry”

GAA: Stop club fundraisers at greyhound tracks

Tell Gain Pet Nutrition to Stop Sponsoring Greyhound Racing

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Watch RTE’s award-winning “Greyhounds Running For Their Lives” documentary 

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