Covid19 Level 5: Government must shut down greyhound racing

6 Jan

COVID19 LEVEL 5 Govt must shut down greyhound racing copy

Thousands of new new COVID19 cases • Citizens told to stay within 5km of home • Yet greyhound racing continues at tracks around the country, where social distancing breaches continue to occur. While people are told to “stay at home”, the government has recklessly exempted greyhound racing from Level 5 restrictions. This means, greyhound owners and trainers may travel from all corners of the country to tracks where they come into close contact with others at the start of races (when dogs are put into traps) and at the end of races (when dogs are retrieved). Shelbourne Park has this week moved to make it more convenient for greyhound owners and trainers to travel from other counties to the capital – the track is starting races earlier to “suit those travelling from the country” to Dublin (the county with most COVID19 cases).

“Greyhound racing involves numerous close contacts at every meeting and sees people from all corners of the country coming and going to tracks. It poses a significant risk in the spread of Covid19 and must be stopped,” ICABS stated in a renewed appeal to Health Minister Stephen Donnelly and Taoiseach Micheal Martin. “Please act in the interests of public health and stop all greyhound racing.”

Join us in urging the government to shut down greyhound racing NOW.


Contact Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly, Taoiseach Micheal Martin and Tanaiste Leo Varadkar today and urge them to stop exempting greyhound racing from the current COVID19 Level 5 nationwide restrictions.

Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly
Tel: (01) 201 7300 or (01) 618 3041

Micheál Martin, Taoiseach
Phone: +353 (0)1–618 4350 or +353 (0)21-432 0088

Leo Varadkar, Tánaiste
Telephone: +353 (0)1-640 3133
Tweet to: @LeoVaradkar

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