“The stag was like our Fungie”: Anger and devastation in Kerry after beloved stag shot dead

7 Dec

stag shot dead in kerry fungie copy

Locals in the Sallowglen area of County Kerry have been left “devastated and angry” at the shooting dead of a beloved stag.

As reported in The Kerryman last month, the “stag [who] roamed the locality for the past six or seven years was shot dead over a week ago as it entered a local farm”.

One of the upset local residents was quoted as saying: “He was to us what Fungie is to Dingle. The locals loved him and he did no harm to anyone. He would wander up to where cattle or horses were but would leave again. We’re all very upset over it. He did no harm to no one”.

“Some of our elderly people, when they would be picked up by the community bus, would ask the driver to slow down if they saw the stag in a field,” he added. “That would cheer them up for the day.”

The Kerryman noted that the stretch of land where the deer was killed “is part of the old Sands estate” and that it’s believed that “the last time a stag in the area was shot was in 1950”.

Read the full story at
https://www.independent.ie/regionals/kerryman/news/the-stag-was-like-our-fungie-here-in-tarbert-39731366.html or

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