BANNED SUBSTANCE found in GAIN horse food products

7 Oct

A BANNED SUBSTANCE has been found in horse food products produced by Glanbia’s GAIN company.

RTE News has reported that GAIN – a major supporter of greyhound racing which also produces dog food – “has advised customers not to feed its products to animals as it investigates the presence of a banned substance in some of its products”.

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board has stated that the banned substance found in the GAIN products is Zilpaterol – “a β2 adrenergic agonist with anabolic properties and is prohibited at all times under the IHRB Rules of Racing”. 

“GAIN Equine Nutrition said that Zilpaterol, a synthetic beta-agonist approved for use as a performance-enhancer in some beef production systems outside of the EU, has been found in some of its equine feed range,” RTE reported. “The contaminants were found in products in France, as a result feed products in Ireland and the UK have also been tested.”

GAIN – “official feed consultants to Team Ireland Equestrian” – states on its website that it “prides itself on horse feeds of the highest nutritional content”.

Urine samples taken from horses tested positive for Zilpaterol, resulting in withdrawals from races last weekend.

According to a report in the Racing Post, urine samples sent to the Irish Equine Centre “returned negative” but the samples sent to the French lab returned positive.

Gain Animal Feeds has been a major sponsor of greyhound racing over the years and has also shamefully supported hare coursing.

At the launch of a Gain-sponsored race in 2017, a company spokesperson stated: “GAIN Greyhound Nutrition is delighted to once again partner with the Irish Greyhound Board and Kilcohan Park Greyhound Stadium to sponsor the prestigious Gain Greyhound Nutrition Select 525 Stakes. We see this collaboration as a unique opportunity to underpin our commitment to Irish greyhound racing classic events and our loyal customer base.”

In 2015, responding to a complaint about its association with cruel hare coursing, Glanbia commented: “we do not pass judgement on sports or activities as long as they are undertaken within the confines of the law.”

A statement appeared on the Gain website entitled “Gain dog food dominates at the national [hare coursing] meeting in Clonmel”. It stated: “Congratulations to the six Clonmel Champions for 2015… Six brilliant winners and we salute their owners, trainers and breeders.”

An advert for “Gain Dog Food/Glanbia Agribusiness” appeared in the booklet for the Clonmel coursing meeting at which hares ran for their lives from greyhounds. A prominent notice in the booklet for a hare coursing meet in Carlow stated: “Co. Carlow Coursing Club wish to thank Gain”. Listing winning greyhounds at the Irish Coursing Derby as one of its success stories, Gain claims that coursing greyhounds “perform better on Gain than on any other food”.


Get in contact with GAIN/Glanbia and ask them to permanently end support for greyhound racing and hare coursing.

Jim Bergin
CEO, Glanbia
Glanbia House,
Kilkenny, Ireland
Telephone: +353 (0)56-777 2200
Tweet to: @GlanbiaPlc

Sign the petition: Tell Gain Pet Nutrition to Stop Sponsoring Greyhound Racing

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