Jump racing suspended at Southwell after 2 more Irish horses die

4 Sep

southwell racing stopped copy

Jump racing has been temporarily suspended at Southwell Racecourse in England after another 2 Irish horses were killed there yesterday (3 September 2020).

11-year-old Day Of Roses fell and died during a 3 mile/19-obstacle race, while 10-year-old Cillians Well was destroyed after falling and suffering an injury during a 2 mile/13-obstacle race.

They are among 8 horses to have died at the racecourse since the end of July.

Three horses died in a single day (24 August) at Southwell, including two from Ireland – Swarez who fell during a “National Hunt Novice Chase” and Booyakasha who was destroyed with a severed tendon. Also killed at the Nottinghamshire racecourse on the day was French horse, Avarchie who was destroyed after falling and suffering a broken leg.

Video footage posted on Facebook by Animal Welfare Watch shows the moment 8-year-old Swarez tumbled to the ground after a jump, bringing down another horse who fell on top of him https://www.facebook.com/AnimalWelfareWatch/videos/619237965452065/

Animal Aid said the three horses were “killed in horrendous circumstances”.

Two weeks earlier at the same course, another two horses died, including Croco Bay from Ireland. The 13-year-old was destroyed after hitting a fence and suffering a broken leg. Last year, 11 horse deaths were reported at Southwell.

Reacting to the latest fatalities, Animal Aid commented: “It has taken the lives of 8 horses over the past few weeks at Southwell Racecourse before the racing authorities acted to suspend racing over jumps there. Jump racing must be permanently stopped at Southwell in order to save horses’ lives.”

At least 26 Irish horses have died in racing in the UK since the beginning of 2020. The first fatality occurred on New Year’s Day when Whenitcomestoit “broke down injured at Fakenham and was destroyed. Three days later, 6-year-old Irish horse, Jeremy Sunshine, was also destroyed after sustaining a broken leg pastern at Wincanton racecourse. On 16th January, another Irish horse, named Just Don’t Ask, suffered a broken foreleg and was destroyed. A few days later, Obsession For Gold fell at Kempton, sustained an injury and was destroyed. Later that week, Eur Gone West fell and suffered a fatal injury at Huntingdon racecourse.

In February, deaths of Irish horses continued, with Western Lass dying with a broken neck at Musselburgh. At the beginning of March, Adams Star was destroyed at Exeter racecourse with an injured foreleg. On 12th March, Copper Gone West broke a fetlock at Cheltenham and was destroyed. On 14th March at Kempton Park, Legal Eyes died with a broken neck at Kempton Park.

When racing resumed in June, more Irish horses lost their lives – December Second who was fatally injured in a fall, Relaunch who was destroyed after breaking a leg and Blakes Vision who was also destroyed.

Horses from the UK, France and USA also lost their lives.

Last year, at least 86 Irish horses died at UK racecourses. Irish horses died during racing in the UK every month of 2019, every month of 2018 (101 Irish horses died) and every month of 2017 (83 Irish horse deaths).

Horses are also dying during racing around Ireland. In 2019, at least 128 died at racecourses or at point-to-points (races organised by foxhunts). In 2018, 124 horses were killed.

An opinion poll carried out by iRadio last year found that a 52% majority considered horse racing to be a CRUEL SPORT. A further 23% said they were not fans of horse racing.

Since 2007, Animal Aid has documented 2,077 horse deaths during racing in the UK. Find out more about the victims on Animal Aid’s Race Horse Death Watch website


Don’t bet on horse racing or attend horse racing events.

Irish horse racing has received over a billion euros of taxpayers’ money since 2001, including €67.2 million for 2019 and another €67.2 million for 2020. The government’s squandering of scarce public money on horse racing is particularly deplorable at a time when our country’s health and housing is in crisis and so many worthy causes are crying out for funds.

Urge Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe to end the funding.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin TD
Email: micheal.martin@oireachtas.ie
Phone: +353 (0)1–618 4350 or +353 (0)21-432 0088
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michealmartintd/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@MichealMartinTD

Paschal Donohoe TD
Minister for Finance
Email: paschal.donohoe@oireachtas.ie, minister@per.gov.ie
Phone: +353 (0)1 6045810
Leave a comment on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaschalDonohoe/
Tweet to @Paschald

Horse deaths at Irish racecourses and point-to-point races
2019 (January to November):
128 deaths

Horse deaths at Irish racecourses

2018: 111
2017: 88
2016: 83
2015: 89
2014: 99
2013: 121
2012: 82

Horse deaths at point-to-point races
2017-18: 28
2016-17: 32
2015-16: 36
2014-15: 30
2013-14: 42
2012-13: 49

Source: https://www.horsedeathwatch.com/

Day Of Roses (IRE), 03 Sep, 2020, Southwell NH, Fell – Dead
Cillians Well (IRE), 03 Sep, 2020, Southwell NH, Fell – Injured – Destroyed
Fame And Quantum (IRE), 27 Aug, 2020, Sedgefield, Slipped Up On Bend – Injured – Destroyed
Swarez (IRE), 24 Aug, 2020, Southwell NH, Fell – Dead
Booyakasha (IRE), 24 Aug, 2020, Southwell NH, Severed Tendon – Destroyed
Reign Back Dancer (IRE), 23 Aug, 2020, Cartmel, Pulled Up – Fatally Injured
Miss O Connor (IRE), 22 Aug, 2020, York, Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed
Croco Bay (IRE), 10 Aug, 2020, Southwell, Hit Fence – Broke Near-Foreleg
Allgold (IRE), 06 Aug, 2020, Ripon, Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed
Expedient (IRE), 03 Aug, 2020, Windsor, Injured Hind Leg – Destroyed
Bubble O Clock (IRE), 24 Jul, 2020, Newton Abbot, Fell – Injured – Destroyed
Pass The Vino (IRE), 09 Jul, 2020, Newmarket, Broke Down After Finish Line – Fatally Injured
Dusty’s Choice (IRE), 06 Jul, 2020, Uttoxeter, Fell – Broke Neck – Dead
Blakes Vision (IRE), 14 Jun, 2020, Doncaster Flat, Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed
Relaunch (IRE), 10 Jun, 2020, Wolverhampton, Broke Hind Leg – Destroyed
December Second (IRE), 01 Jun, 2020, Newcastle AW, Clipped Heels and Fell – Fatally Injured
Legal Eyes (IRE), 14 Mar, 2020, Kempton Park NH, Fell – Broke Neck – Dead
Shanroe In Milan (IRE), 13 Mar, 2020, Fakenham, Lame in Hind Leg – Destroyed
Copper Gone West (IRE), 12 Mar, 2020, Cheltenham, Broke Fetlock – Destroyed
Adams Star (IRE), 03 Mar, 2020, Exeter, Injured Foreleg – Destroyed
Western Lass (IRE), 27 Feb, 2020, Musselburgh NH, Fell – Broke Neck – Dead
Eur Gone West (IRE), 24 Jan, 2020, Huntingdon, Fell – Fatally Injured
Obsession For Gold (IRE), 20 Jan, 2020, Kempton AW, Broke Down and Fell – Injured, Destroyed
Just Dont Ask (IRE), 16 Jan, 2020, Market Rasen, Fell – Broke Foreleg, Destroyed
Jeremy Sunshine (IRE), 04 Jan 2020, Wincanton, Broke Hind Leg Pastern, Destroyed
Whenitcomestoit (IRE), 01 Jan, 2020, Fakenham, Broke Down Injured – Destroyed


The Linksman (IRE), 30 Dec, 2019, Haydock NH, Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed
Robbing The Prey (IRE), 26 Dec, 2019, Sedgefield, Fell – Dead
Mid Day Gun (IRE), 26 Dec, 2019, Wetherby, Fell – Injured – Destroyed
Fontsanta (IRE), 18 Dec, 2019, Newbury NH, Fell – Dead
Knocknanuss (IRE), 14 Dec, 2019, Cheltenham, Fell – Injured – Destroyed
Artoff (IRE), 09 Dec, 2019, Musselburgh NH, Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed
Beer Goggles (IRE), 29 Nov, 2019, Newbury NH, Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed
First Assignment (IRE), 25 Nov, 2019, Ludlow, Fell – Injured – Destroyed
Shattering (IRE), 23 Nov, 2019, Wolverhampton, Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed
Bertie Boru (IRE), 21 Nov, 2019, Wincanton, Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed
Omega Springs (IRE), 19 Nov, 2019, Fakenham, Finished Race Lame – Destroyed
The Grey Scholar (IRE), 18 Nov, 2019, Plumpton, Broke Near-Hind Leg – Destroyed
Point N Shoot (IRE), 14 Nov, 2019, Sedgefield, Injured Near-Hind Leg – Destroyed
Way Out West (IRE), 06 Nov, 2019, Chepstow NH, Fell – Injured – Destroyed
The Rebel Outlaw (IRE), 22 Oct, 2019, Exeter, Broke Hind Leg, Destroyed
Gardiners Hill (IRE), 15 Oct, 2019, Hereford, Injured Hind Leg, Destroyed
Timber Jack (IRE), 15 Oct, 2019, Hereford, Lame on Hind Leg, Destroyed
Vinnie Rouge (IRE), 03 Oct, 2019, Warwick NH, Collapsed and Died After Race
Primogeniture (IRE), 24 Sep, 2019, Warwick NH, Fell – Injured, Destroyed
Force Of Impact (IRE), 24 Sep, 2019, Lingfield AW, Finished Race Lame, Destroyed
Viva Rafa (IRE), 23 Sep, 2019, Warwick NH, Fell – Dead
The Blues Master (IRE), 16 Sep, 2019, Worcester, Finished Race Lame, Destroyed
Welcome Ben (IRE), 10 Sep, 2019, Kelso, Fell – Dead
Timeforben (IRE), 09 Sep, 2019, Newton Abbot, Broke Near-Hind Leg, Destroyed
Noels Boy (IRE), 09 Sep, 2019, Newton Abbot, Hit Hurdle, Broke Foreleg, Destroyed
Chasing Headlights (IRE), 09 Sep, 2019, Newton Abbot, Struck Into, Destroyed
Harswell Approach (IRE), 07 Sep, 2019, Thirsk, Finished Race Lame, Destroyed
Queen Salamah (IRE), 02 Sep, 2019, Brighton, Broke Down Injured, Destroyed
Fiercly Forgie (IRE), 21 Aug, 2019, Worcester, Fell, Broke Neck, Dead
Golden Drumlee (IRE), 30 Jul, 2019, Perth, Pulled Up, Injured, Destroyed
Watt Broderick (IRE), 17 July 2019, Uttoxeter, Fell, Injured – Destroyed
Swift Emperor (IRE), 13 Jul, 2019, Chester, Finished Race Lame – Destroyed
One More Tune (IRE), 05 July 2019, Newton Abbot, Fatally Injured
You Say What (IRE), 30 June 2019, Uttoxeter, Fell, Spinal Injury – Destroyed
Graphite (IRE), 21 June 2019, Redcar, pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed
Kalaniti (IRE), 19 June 2019, Uttoxeter, Collapsed During Race – Dead
Sunsetstorise (IRE), 09 June 2019, Perth, Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed
Red Hot Chilly (IRE), 01 June 2019, Stratford, Fell, Dead
Rio Gold (IRE), 26 May 2019, Fontwell, Fell, Broke Neck – Dead
Kereman (IRE), 22 May 2019, Warwick NH, Fell, Injured – Destroyed
Eager To Know (IRE), 21 May 2019, Hexham, Suffered Overreach Injury Destroyed
Change Ur Tune (IRE), 18 May, 2019, Bangor-On-Dee, Fell – Dead
Kootenay River (IRE), 13 May, 2019, Kempton Park NH, Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed
Another Go (IRE), 12 May 2019, Plumpton, Fell Broke Neck Dead
Sergio (IRE), 08 May 2019, Fontwell, Fell Injured Destroyed
Josses Hill (IRE), 27 Apr 2019, Sandown NH, Collapsed and Died After Race
Savannah Moon (IRE), 23 Apr 2019, Sedgefield, Fell Broke Neck Dead
Easy Street (IRE), 22 Apr 2019, Chepstow NH, Injured Near-Foreleg after Jumping Fence Destroyed
Fenjack (IRE), 22 Apr 2019, Huntingdon, Fell Broke Neck Dead
Port Swtan (IRE), 20 Apr 2019, Musselburgh Flat, Broke Down Fatally Injured
Wig Wam Wiggle (IRE), 11 Apr 2019, Wetherby, Fell On Bend Injured Destroyed
Cuddles McGraw (IRE), 10 Apr 2019, Warwick NH, Pulled Up Injured Destroyed
Plan At The Minute (IRE), 09 Apr 2019, Southwell NH, Fatally Injured
Rhaegar (IRE), 09 Apr 2019, Southwell NH, Pulled Up Lame Destroyed
Western Morning (IRE), 07 Apr 2019, Plumpton, Collapsed and Died After Race
Up For Review (IRE), 06 Apr 2019, Aintree, Brought Down Broke Neck Dead
Cold Fire (IRE), 04 Apr, 2019, Chelmsford, Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed
Hillary View (IRE), 30 Mar 2019, Uttoxeter, Fell Broke Neck Dead
Hiupinthesky (IRE), 25 Mar 2019, Wincanton, Fell Injured Destroyed
She Mite Bite (IRE), 23 Mar 2019, Newbury NH, Pulled Up Injured Destroyed
Mylittlerunaway (IRE), 21 Mar 2019, Chepstow NH, Fell Dead
Steps And Stairs (IRE), 21 Mar 2019, Chepstow NH, Fell Injured Destroyed
Captain McGarry (IRE), 19 Mar 2019, Huntingdon, Pulled up Fatally Injured
Whipcrackaway (IRE), 18 Mar 2019, Plumpton, Injured Hind Leg Destroyed
Sir Erec (IRE), 15 Mar 2019, Cheltenham, Shattered Foreleg Pastern Destroyed
Invitation Only (IRE), 15 Mar 2019, Cheltenham, Fell Fatally Injured
Lillys Arc (IRE), 14 Mar 2019, Market Rasen, Finished Race Lame Destroyed
Ballyward (IRE), 12 Mar 2019, Cheltenham, Fell Fatally Injured
Flere Imsaho (IRE), 11 Mar 2019, Stratford, Collapsed and Died During Race
Baywing (IRE), 23 Feb 2019, Newcastle NH, Fell Fatally Injured
Overtown Express (IRE), 23 Feb 2019, Chepstow NH, Broke Fetlock Destroyed
Magic Dragon (IRE), 19 Feb 2019, Wetherby, Broke Near-Hind Leg Destroyed
Canyouringmeback (IRE), 17 Feb 2019, Huntingdon, Broke Hind Leg on Landing after Jump Destroyed
Herecomestheboom (IRE), 06 Feb 2019, Ludlow, Broke Hind Leg on Landing after Hurdle, Destroyed
Minellatillmorning (IRE), 04 Feb 2019, Taunton, Fell Fatally Injured
De Dollar Man (IRE), 02 Feb 2019, Sandown NH, Collapsed During Race Dead
Fast Boy (IRE), 01 Feb 2019, Lingfield AW, Pulled up Fatally Injured
Western Jo (IRE), 29 Jan 2019, Newcastle NH, Slipped on Landing Injured Destroyed
Mr Bachster (IRE), 28 Jan 2019, Ludlow, Hit Hurdle Broke Foreleg Destroyed
Executive Capilano (IRE), 21 Jan 2019, Warwick NH, Broke Foreleg between hurdles, Destroyed
Golden Promise (IRE), 20 Jan 2019, Exeter, Died After Race
Jillythejet (IRE), 11 Jan 2019, Huntingdon, Fell Injured Destroyed
Katie Connell (IRE), 09 Jan 2019, Doncaster NH, Pulled up Fatally Injured
Check In Check Out (IRE), 09 Jan 2019, Lingfield AW, Pulled up Fatally Injured
Herecomesnelson (IRE), 05 Jan 2019, Newcastle NH, Finished Race Fatally Injured
Piri Massini (IRE), 01 Jan 2019, Catterick NH, Fell Broke Neck Dead


€84 million in government grants for horse and greyhound racing

124 horses were killed after suffering injuries during racing in Ireland last year, sickening new statistics reveal

At least 85 horses have lost their lives at Cheltenham racecourse in the past decade, shocking statistics reveal.

Horrific video footage shows Irish horse, Up for Review, “thrashing about in agony” after falling and suffering a BROKEN NECK at the Grand National https://www.facebook.com/banbloodsports/photos/a.463548137094083/2137264296389117

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