Waterford City & County Councillors and Animal Cruelty Issues

20 Nov

Political Views / Councillors

The views of councillors in relation to hare coursing, foxhunting and other animal cruelty issues. Please contact councillors and urge them to push for a ban on hunting, coursing, greyhound racing and all activities involving cruelty to animals. If councillors express support for activities involving animal cruelty, please let them know that their stance will affect your future voting decisions.

Cllr Breda Brennan (Sinn Fein, Waterford City and County Council)
“I personally am against blood sports and animal cruelty of any kind.” from an email to ICABS, June 2015.

Cllr Joe Conway (Independent, Waterford City and County Council)
“As one who has due regard for all living things, I support wholeheartedly your stance on animal cruelty. I took a stand – while Mayor – of non-cooperation with any circus owners who took their ‘show’ to town here.” from an email to ICABS, March 2014.

Cllr Damien Geoghegan (Fine Gael, Waterford City and County Council)
In April 2013, Cllr Geoghegan tweeted a photo from the “Dungarvan Harriers Hunt Ball 1957”. In June 2014, he tweeted “Dungarvan Hunt, Bridge Street, Dungarvan” along with a link to a 1960s photo showing mounted hunters and their pack of hounds.

Cllr John Hearne (Sinn Fein, Waterford City & County Council)
“I’m delighted my motion was passed at the Ard Fheis to stop all horse racing on the roads unless it is regulated and covered by insurance as it’s cruel to animals. We need like every other country in the world to race horses on a racecourse. That way we protect horses jockeys and motorists.” Facebook post, November 2019.

“I’m fully anti blood sports” from an email to ICABS, August 2015.

“I’m against all forms of animal cruelty. I banned with a motion all circus animals from council property and I’m in the process of passing a by-law to ban sulky racing off the roads…I voted against [a pro-coursing motion]. I believe if people want to entertain themselves it should not involve stressing animals.” from an email to ICABS, April 2014.

Cllr Joe Kelly (Independent, Waterford City and County Council)
“I support your campaign against blood sports and the banning of fox hunting as allowed for at this time. Any cruelty to any animal is wrong and must be opposed.” from an email to ICABS, September 2014.

Contact Waterford Councillors and ask them where they stand on animal cruelty issues. Find contact details at http://www.waterfordcouncil.ie/council/councillors/index.htm

If you are a Councillor and wish to provide a statement outlining your views on animal cruelty issues, please email it to us at info@banbloodsports.com

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