Mayo County Councillors and Animal Cruelty Issues

4 Nov

Political Views / Councillors

The views of councillors in relation to hare coursing, foxhunting and other animal cruelty issues. Please contact councillors and urge them to push for a ban on hunting, coursing, greyhound racing and all activities involving cruelty to animals. If councillors express support for activities involving animal cruelty, please let them know that their stance will affect your future voting decisions.

Cllr Michael Kilcoyne (Independent, Mayo County Council)
“I am against blood sports and I would support a motion expressing support for a ban” from an email to ICABS, 10th September 2014.

Cllr Patsy O’Brien (Fine Gael, Mayo County Council)
A South Mayo Cllr. has again raised his concerns over illegal hare coursing in the region. Fine Gael’s Patsy O’Brien says he has been inundated with calls from farmers over the Christmas period where illegal hare coursing has been taking place on their lands. Farmers have been highlighting increasing issues with illegal hare coursing and often report feeling powerless when faced with groups of men hunting with dogs. Farmers are advised to contact gardaí immediately if they witness trespassers on their property. Cllr. O’Brien the biggest problem is that prosecution isn’t taking place when cases are brought before the courts. He feels this time of year in particular is crucial for farmers and says the farming community in South Mayo, want immediate action.” from South Mayo Councillor raises his concerns again over illegal hare coursing in the region, MidWest Radio, 29 December 2018.

Contact Mayo County Councillors and ask them where they stand on animal cruelty issues. Find contact details at

If you are a Councillor and wish to provide a statement outlining your views on animal cruelty issues, please email it to us at

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