Best Car Parks urged to stop sponsoring cruel greyhound racing

31 Aug

best car parks


Dublin parking company, Best Car Parks, is being urged to stop sponsoring cruel greyhound racing.

The company is a major supporter of the dog-killing industry, having sponsored races at Shelbourne Park stadium since 2015. The prize money attached to its races has exceeded €100,000.

Most recently, it sponsored the 2019 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525, with prize money of €44,010.

It has shamefully continued sponsoring racing after the shocking RTE Investigates documentary exposed the horrors of the greyhound industry, including the killing of 6,000 dogs every year because they are not fast enough to win races.

Shelbourne Park (where Best Car Parks operates a car park) is one of the worst tracks in Ireland for greyhound injuries and deaths. At least 146 greyhounds suffered injuries there and 36 were killed by a track vet over the past four years alone.


Urge Best Car Parks to show compassion for the dogs and stop sponsoring greyhound racing. Tell the company that you will not use its car parks until the sponsorship ends.

Frank Moore
Managing Director
Best Car Parks Ireland
40 Northumberland Road
Dublin 4
Telephone: 01 878 2074

Watch RTE Investigates: Greyhounds Running for Their Lives to witness the horrors of greyhound racing


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