Supervalu urged to stop sponsorship of cruel greyhound industry

9 Jul

supervalu 2019

Supervalu is being urged to take action after the sponsorship of greyhound racing by 30 of its local supermarkets.
Last September, ICABS identified the 30 Supervalu supermarkets around Ireland which had supported greyhound racing over the past decade. We contacted Supervalu Head Office with information about all the dog injuries and deaths in greyhound racing and urged the company to act. We received no response.
The sponsorship has continued into 2019, with the €695 “Supervalu Tower 525” race at Cork’s Curraheen Park track in March.
Following the shocking RTE Investigates documentary which revealed that 6,000 greyhounds are killed every year because they’re too slow to win, it’s time for Supervalu to finally stop its local stores from supporting greyhound racing again.
Contact Supervalu today and urge the company to stop all greyhound racing sponsorship by its local supermarkets.
SuperValu Head Office
Musgrave Limited,
Ballycurreen, Airport Road, Cork
Tel +353 (0) 21 4522100
Tweet to @SuperValuIRL
Watch the full “RTE Investigates Greyhounds Running for Their Lives” programme on the RTE Player
or on Youtube
See sickening footage from Enniscorthy track of a greyhound suffering a bad fall at the end of a race sponsored by a Supervalu supermarket – (forward to 30 seconds)
Our original post from September 2018
Supervalu urged to stop sponsorship of cruel greyhound industry
Is Supervalu happy for its brand name to be associated with a cruel industry in which dogs are injured, drugged, dumped and killed? That’s the question the supermarket chain is being asked this week as details emerge about 30 of its stores supporting greyhound racing.
Quishes Supervalu in Ballincollig is the latest of the chain’s supermarkets to sponsor racing, with the “Quishes SuperValu 525” €690 race taking place recently at Curraheen Park stadium
As highlighted by ICABS in August, a greyhound fell badly in a race sponsored by another Supervalu store. Two-year-old Longslip Charlie was knocked over at the final bend and could be seen falling to the ground and tumbling during the “Pettitt’s SuperValu Great Sprint Stakes” race. See sickening footage at (forward to 30 seconds)
The Supervalu store also sponsored the “Pettitt’s SupertValu Five-Two-Five Stakes” race on the night. The total prize money on offer was more than €800. A Supervalu advertisement sign was on display at the side of the track close to where Longslip Charlie fell. The races were part of a SuperValu Pettitts “annual Gala Race Night at Enniscorthy Greyhound Track” which the store promoted as “fun for the whole family with live music, party food, goodie bags, face painting, free draws and much more”.
Last week, Hurley’s Supervalu Midleton sponsored a race at Youghal greyhound track Its name was previously attached to a race at the same track in September 2016.
Other Supervalu stores supported greyhound racing over the summer. For example:
– The Wallace’s Supervalu Five-Seven-Stakes race at Enniscorthy track on 16 August 2018
– Garveys Supervalu Stakes Final (with over €1,500 in prize money) on 13 July 2018 at Tralee track
– The Bernard Keane’s SuperValu, Lanesboro A3 525 race on 6 July 18 at Longford track
Last year, and in previous years, the Supervalu name was attached to numerous races at tracks around Ireland. Scroll down for full list.
It is incredible that any business would wish to be associated with the greyhound industry following revelations about the injuries suffered by greyhounds at tracks, the doping of greyhounds and the killing of greyhounds. Shocking statistics show the extent of cruelty and killing in the Irish greyhound industry – over the past three and a half years alone, 1,369 greyhounds were reported injured at tracks and 438 were killed. This does not include the greyhounds injured at tracks and later killed elsewhere. Thousands more greyhounds go missing each year – presumed killed when found to be too slow to win races. Meanwhile, 2,729 unwanted greyhounds were killed in Irish dog pounds in the past eight years. Sponsorship is helping to keep this dog killing industry afloat.
Please sign and share our petitions
Irish Government: Stop Giving Millions of Euro to Cruel Greyhound Industry
Stop supporting the cruel greyhound industry
On 7th April 2017, McConville’s SuperValu Mountmellick was named in all 11 races at Newbridge track, with prizemoney of over €3,000. During one of the races, two dogs collided, whom of whom “did not finish” the race and in another, there was “carnage” with one greyhound knocked over and sent tumbling.
O Keefes Supervalu
Curraheen Park, 04 November 2017
Keanes Supervalu 525 (Grade: A3) Flat 525
Tralee track, 27 October 2017
Greig Tuite Supervalu A3 600 (Grade: A3) Flat 600
Limerick track, 30 September 2017
Reilly’s Of Sallins Supervalu 525
Newbridge track, 22 September 2017
Hurley’s Super Valu A5 525
Youghal track, 22 Sepember 2017
Nestors Super Valu A5 (Grade : A5) Flat 525
Galway stadium, 9th September 2016
Super Valu Portlaoise 525
Newbridge track, 18 August 2017
Super Valu Enfield A1 525
Shelbourne Park, 08 July 2017
Garveys Super-Valu Hospital Stakes Final (with over €1,000 in prize money)
Tralee track, 07 July 2017
The Twohigs Supervalu Kanturk A4 Stake
Curraheen Park, 12 August 2016
The Super Valu Portlaoise A3 525
Newbridge track, 12 August 2016
The O’Reillys Supervalu Buster Race A3 525 (Grade: A3) Flat 525
Enniscorthy track, 30 June 2016
SuperValu Open 525
Shelbourne Park, 4 June 2016
Hannon’s Supervalu Enfield 525
Mullingar track, 30 April 2016
The Supervalu Knocklyon 525
Harolds Cross, 08 April 2016
The Rushe’s Supervalu Naas 525
Newbridge track, 11 December 2015
Ryans of Grange SuperValu 525
Curraheen Park, 01 November 2014
The Hurleys Supervalu Midleton 525
Curraheen Park, 25 October 2014
Twohigs Supervalu Kanturk A4 550 Stakes
Curraheen Park, 22 August 2014
Supervalu A4 525
Longford track, 15 August 2014
Twohigs Supervalu Kanturk A4 550 Stakes. Semi-Final
Curraheen Park, 15 August 2014
The Buckleys SuperValu S7 400
Mullingar track, 15 March 2014
The Davis Supervalu A5 525 (Grade : A5) Flat 525
Longford track, 24 May 2013
Marcus McLoughlin Super Valu Portarlington A2 525
Newbridge track, 15 June 2012
The Supervalu 330
Curraheen Park, 2 December 2011
Dooleys Supervalu, Newcastle West A4 525
Limerick track, 04 December 2010
McInerney’s Supervalu (Loughrea) Open/A1 525
Galway track, 08 September 2007
Supervalu – Ballymoney (Grade : A7) Flat 525
Lifford track, 17 August 2007
During this race, a 2-year-old greyhound “did not finish” and never raced again

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