2019 Local Election Candidates and Animal Cruelty Issues – Longford

28 Apr

elections 2019

The views of 2019 Local Election Candidates (Longford) in relation to animal cruelty issues. Please support compassionate candidates and reject those who defend animal cruelty.

Cllr Paraic Brady (Fine Gael, Longford County Council, Granard)
“I am in favour of foxhunting as it keeps the numbers down.” from a text message to ICABS, November 2014. ICABS has highlighted the cruelty of foxhunting to Cllr Brady and asked him to reconsider his stance.

In an August 2016 report in the Farming Independent, Cllr Brady made the remarkable claim that a pine marten “killed two of his lambs and injured three others” and that an unidentified woman was bitten by a pine marten. The Irish Wildlife Trust condemned the report as sensationalist and “truly misinformed” and the councillor’s claims as “alarmist and irresponsible”. Pointing out that “rumour and hearsay is not fact”, the IWT emphasised that “pine martens do not attack sheep or people.”

In a Shannonside Radio interview in July 2015, Cllr Paraic Brady revealed that he is a gun club member and that he is concerned that pine martens are killing pheasants that gun clubs release to be later shot out of the sky. He claimed that pine martens are not native to Ireland and was later corrected by a wildlife expert who said pine martens are indeed native and are believed to have been in Ireland for 8,000 years. https://www.facebook.com/banbloodsports/videos/vb.463547953760768/1049520208496870/?type=2&theater

“Councillor J. Duffy proposed and Councillor P. Brady seconded that the Government be requested to lift the Protected Species Order on the native pine-marten.” from the minutes of the July 2015 meeting of Longford County Council.

“The inaugural Gerry Brady Memorial fox hunt took place on Sunday and while there was much online opposition to the event, Cllr Paraic Brady, son of the late Gerry, launched a staunch defence…In recent days plenty of opposition to hare coursing and foxhunting has emerged with many organisations calling for a complete ban on such activities. Mr Brady says it is part of our culture, ‘a tradition’ and a way of life for many people in society.” Longford Leader, 10 February 2017.

Cllr Seamus Butler (Fianna Fail, Longford County Council)
“An animal rights campaigner and a Longford councillor have clashed strongly about whether hare-coursing should be banned. The national Coursing championships recently took place in Clonmel, with animal rights groups pleading with the government to ban the sport on grounds of cruelty to hares. Hare coursing was once a popular activity in the Shannonside region- with coursing on St Stephen’s Day in Roscommon. During a discussion on the Joe Finnegan Show this morning, Lanesboro’s Nuala Donlon noted a recent opinion poll showed that 64 per cent of the Irish public supported a prohibition on the sport. However, Councillor Seamus Butler disagrees.” from Longford councillor and animal rights campaigner row over hare coursing ban, Shannonside Radio, 10th February 2017.

Cllr Gerard Farrell (Fine Gael, Longford County Council, Ballymahon)
In July 2018, Cllr Farrell sponsored the “The Cllr Gerard Farrell, Lanesboro S3-S4 Veterans 330” race at Longford greyhound track. Cllr Farrell was urged to stop sponsoring racing at the track where 44 dogs suffered injuries and 22 were killed in the previous three years.

Cllr Colm Murray (Fine Gael, Longford County Council, Ballymahon)
“Councillor John Duffy first raised the issue at yesterday’s meeting of Longford County Council, asking for the pine marten’s protective status to be lifted and to have them classed as vermin, as their population is out of control. His party member Colm Murray suggested putting a motion before the next council meeting to ask the Minister to review the status.” from “Longford councillors call for pine marten to be taken off protected species list”, Shannonside Radio, July 9th, 2015. The pine marten is Ireland’s rarest native wild mammal and is protected under Irish and EU legislation.

Cllr PJ Reilly (Fianna Fail, Longford County Council, Granard)
Cllr PJ Reilly is a sponsor of the cruel greyhound industry. In September 2017, he sponsored two races at Longford greyhound track.

He is a “founding member of the Abbeylara Gun Club” – an animal killing club whose victims include pheasants, ducks, foxes and other creatures.

“Cllr PJ Reilly said he, too, had come across the tree-climbing species [pine marten] in Abbeylara, where a number of young cygnets had fallen victim to the pine marten.” from Call for pine marten to be taken off protected species register, Longford Leader, 15 July 2015.

Cllr Mae Sexton (Independent, Longford County Council, Longford Town)
“I am totally opposed to bloodsports. You have my full support for the campaign.” Cllr Mae Sexton to ICABS, May 2014.

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If you are a candidate and wish to provide a statement outlining your views on animal cruelty issues, please email it to us at info@banbloodsports.com

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