2019 Local Election Candidates and Animal Cruelty Issues – Galway County

28 Apr

elections 2019

The views of 2019 Local Election Candidates (Galway County) in relation to animal cruelty issues. Please support compassionate candidates and reject those who defend animal cruelty.

Ken Campbell (Social Democrats, Ballinasloe)
The Social Democrats are in favour of a ban on fox hunting, hare coursing and fur farming. The party’s animal welfare policy states: “The Social Democrats strongly advocate animal rights and recognise animals as intelligent, sentient beings capable of complex thought and of experiencing pain and suffering…We are in favour of harsher penalties for animal cruelty” See the full policy at https://www.socialdemocrats.ie/our-policies/

Cllr Gerry Finnerty (Fianna Fail, Galway County Council, Gort-Kinvara)
In an April 2014 tweet, Cllr Finnerty stated: “Wishing the Clare Hunt all the best this Sunday in their point to point races in Quackerstown, Boston, Co Clare!” Point-to-point racing is a major fund-raiser for foxhunting groups.

Councillor Pat Hynes (Independent, Galway, Loughrea)
“All animals are God’s Creation and must be loved and protected.” (from an email to ICABS, 23 May 2019)

Kenneth Keavey (Green Party, Athenry-Oranmore)
The Green Party is in favour of a ban on bloodsports, including fox hunting, hare coursing, hare hunting and mink hunting. It also supports a ban on fur farming and an end to the Department of Agriculture’s cruel snaring and killing of badgers. See the party’s full animal welfare policy document at https://www.greenparty.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Green-Party-Animal-Welfare-Policy_June-20151.pdf

See the full list of Galway County candidates at

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If you are a candidate and wish to provide a statement outlining your views on animal cruelty issues, please email it to us at info@banbloodsports.com

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