2019 Local Election Candidates and Animal Cruelty Issues – Fingal

25 Apr

elections 2019

The views of 2019 Local Election Candidates (Fingal County) in relation to animal cruelty issues. Please support compassionate candidates and reject those who defend animal cruelty.

Carah Daniel (Solidarity, Balbriggan)
One of the founders of Balbriggan-based animal rights group, Not For Your Entertainment, Carah Daniel has been an active campaigner, raising awareness and getting support for campaigns circus cruelty, greyhound racing, hare coursing and fur farming.

“I am a vegan and animal rights activist,” Carah says on her Facebook page. “I worked with Solidarity TD Paul Murphy when he introduced the Prohibition of Wild Animals in Circuses Bill 2017, which was a huge success, and an important step in banning all animals in circuses. I hope to be able to use the platform of the local elections to raise animal rights issues as much as possible.”

Cllr Paul Donnelly (Sinn Fein, Fingal County Council, Ongar)
“I am opposed to blood “sports” and I find that term offensive. I would fully support a ban on these activities.” from an email to ICABS, June 2015.

Cllr David Healy (Green Party, Fingal, Howth-Malahide)
“I am opposed to all blood sports including fox hunting and coursing and in favour of a ban on them.” March 2014.

Dean Mulligan (Independents 4 Change)

Cllr Daire Ní Laoi (Sinn Fein, Fingal County Council, Howth-Malahide)
“I am totally opposed to blood sports & very much in favour of a ban on hare coursing and foxhunting.” from a tweet to ICABS, November 2014.

Cllr. Cian O’Callaghan (Social Democrats, Howth-Malahide)
“I am strongly opposed to all blood sports and I support a ban on fox hunting, hare coursing and fur farming.” from an email to ICABS, 20 May 2019.

Cllr Roderic O’Gorman (Green Party, Fingal County Council, Castleknock)
“I have always strongly opposed blood sports, as I believe there is no moral justification for setting one animal against another for human enjoyment. If elected to Fingal County Council I will use all available powers of the local authority to oppose blood sports”. Roderic O’Gorman, March 2014

In January 2012, Roderic O’Gorman, along with Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, were thanked for attending an anti-coursing protest outside the Department of Agriculture in Dublin.

Aengus Ó Maoláin (Social Democrats, Ongar)
“I am happy to categorically state my absolute opposition to blood sports, fox hunting, hare coursing, fur farming and I will use my platform if elected to Fingal County Council to oppose their practise.” from an email to ICABS, 20 May 2019.

Cllr Malachy Quinn (Sinn Fein, Fingal County Council, Balbriggan)
“I am in favour [of a ban on hare coursing and fox hunting].” from a text message to ICABS, November 2014.

Cllr Duncan Smith (Labour Party, Fingal County Council, Swords)
“I abhor the practice of hare coursing and foxhunting.” from a tweet to ICABS, May 2014.

Cllr Natalie Treacy (Sinn Fein, Fingal County Council, Castleknock)
“I am against any form of animal cruelty, and would be in total favour of a ban on bloodsports.” from a message left on ICABS blog, June 2015.

Other Green Party candidates
Joe O’Brien
Maria Salahovs
Daniel Whooley
Ian Carey

The Green Party is in favour of a ban on bloodsports, including fox hunting, hare coursing, hare hunting and mink hunting. It also supports a ban on fur farming and an end to the Department of Agriculture’s cruel snaring and killing of badgers. See the party’s full animal welfare policy document at https://www.greenparty.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Green-Party-Animal-Welfare-Policy_June-20151.pdf

People Before Profit candidates
John Uwhumiakpor
Geraldine Carroll

People Before Profit’s Animal Welfare policies include: Introduce a complete ban on the hunting of wild mammals with hounds, Introduce a complete ban on coursing live hares, Ban fur farming and End badger culling by traps, snares and shooting – http://www.pbp.ie/policies/animal-welfare-policy/

Other Social Democrats candidates
Garrett Mullan (Social Democrats)
Cllr. Paul Mulville (Social Democrats)
Tracey Carey (Social Democrats)

The Social Democrats are in favour of a ban on fox hunting, hare coursing and fur farming. The party’s animal welfare policy states: “The Social Democrats strongly advocate animal rights and recognise animals as intelligent, sentient beings capable of complex thought and of experiencing pain and suffering…We are in favour of harsher penalties for animal cruelty” See the full policy at https://www.socialdemocrats.ie/our-policies/

See the full list of Fingal candidates at

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If you are a candidate and wish to provide a statement outlining your views on animal cruelty issues, please email it to us at info@banbloodsports.com

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