“WHIPPED HARSHLY”: Irish horse dies from fatal injuries at UK racecourse

20 Jan

katie connell

The latest Irish horse to die at a UK racecourse was “WHIPPED HARSHLY” before she suffered fatal injuries and died, it has been reported.
According to Animal Aid, which monitors injuries and fatalities at racecourses in the UK, 6-year-old Irish mare Katie Connell “dislodged a rail on the way out onto the track” but was deemed fit to race after an examination by a veterinary surgeon.
“During the race she appeared never to be travelling and was whipped harshly when struggling to keep up with the pace,” Animal Aid outlines on its website. “She was pulled up distressed soon afterwards. Her injuries proved fatal.”
Katie Connell died during a 3-mile, 11 obstacle hurdle race at Doncaster on 9th January 2019. She is the 4th Irish horse to die at a UK racecourse since the start of this year. Another horse also died during the same race. French horse Damier “appeared to slip on the final bend – on what was deemed ‘good’ racing ground – and lose his momentum – he was seen in a very distressed state, having ‘broken down’.” He too was fatally injured.
Following the latest deaths, Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Consultant, Dene Stansall stated: “The distressing scenes over the past seven days on British racecourses show the cruelty of horse racing. Horses are brutally whipped when giving their best, pushed to their limits and die because they cannot cope with the conditions in which they’re asked to race. The industry has serious issues to resolve, as it clearly cannot protect the horses it uses. People are turning their backs on this so-called sport, and for good reason.”
As reported by ICABS last week, at least 101 Irish horses died at UK racetracks in 2018. Statistics compiled by Animal Aid, show that the death toll passed the 100 mark after 12 horses from Ireland died during December.
At the beginning of December, three Irish horses lost their lives in a single day at a racecourse near Edinburgh. During a 2.5 mile / 10-obstacle race at the Musselburgh track, 6-year-old Sierra Oscar suffered a broken foreleg pastern and was destroyed. 12-year-old Irish horse, Smart Ruler, collapsed during another race and died. The third dead horse was named as Kensukes Kingdom. He was lame when he finished the 2 mile/9-obstacle race and was destroyed.
A few days later at Sedgefield, Irish horse Northern Sky was leading a 2.15 mile/8 obstacle race when he fell and injured his foreleg. He was destroyed at the track.
In the week before Christmas, two more Irish horses died at UK tracks – Ablazing and Make Magic both suffered fatal injuries.
On St Stephen’s Day, another two Irish horses died – Just Bobby and Lord Fendale were destroyed after falling and sustaining injuries.
In the final few days of 2018, the deaths continued. Scales Of Justice and Fergall fell and were fatally injured; Not Normal and Sister Sibyl were destroyed due to injuries.
The Irish horse deaths account for more than half of all the 2018 deaths recorded by Animal Aid on its “Race Horse Death Watch” website – http://www.horsedeathwatch.com Since launching the site eleven years ago, the group has documented 1,843 on-course deaths.
Irish horses have died during racing in the UK every month of 2018 (see full list below) and every month in 2017 when at least 83 Irish horses lost their lives.
“No other sport comes close to matching racing’s attrition rate – if it did, a ban would quickly be imposed,” Animal Aid states. “Approximately one in every 42 horses who starts a season’s racing will have perished by the end of it. They will have died as a result of a racecourse or training injury, or they will be killed after being judged to be no longer financially viable.”
“The horse racing authorities have failed to put clear, unambiguous horse death information into the public domain, preferring to offer complex statistical data rather than specifying, as Death Watch does, the names of killed horses, where the fatality occurred, who was riding the horse and the nature of the injury,” Animal Aid adds. “We have good reason to believe that the equine fatalities we are able to list on Death Watch, and which we have verified, fall some 30% short of the true total.”
Irish horses are not only dying in the UK but here in Ireland too. Damning “equine fatality” figures – released for the first time ever last June – finally lifted the lid on the appalling level of suffering and death in horse racing around Ireland. Further to a Dail Question from Clare Daly TD, Horse Racing Ireland revealed that 779 horses have been killed at races here in the past six years. That includes 116 horse deaths since the start of 2017. Out of the 779 fatalities, 562 occurred at racecourses and 217 at point-to-points (races organised by foxhunts).
The Irish horse racing industry has received around 1 billion euros of taxpayers’ money since 2001, including €64 million in funding for 2018 and another €67.2 million for 2019. The government’s squandering of scarce public money on horse racing is particularly deplorable at a time when our country’s health and housing is in crisis and so many worthy causes are crying out for funds. Urge Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe to end the funding.
An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar
Government Buildings,
Upper Merrion St, Dublin 2
Telephone: +353 (0)1-6194020
Email: taoiseach@taoiseach.gov.ie, leo.varadkar@oireachtas.ie
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Paschal Donohoe TD
Minister for Finance
Email: paschal.donohoe@oireachtas.ie, minister@per.gov.ie
Phone: +353 (0)1 6045810
Leave a comment on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaschalDonohoe/
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Sign Animal Aid’s “Protect racehorses from abuse and death” petition
(Note: This petition may only be signed by British citizens / UK residents)
See also: €84 million for horse and greyhound racing
Fergall (IRE) 30 Dec, 2018 Taunton Fell – Fatally Injured-
Not Normal (IRE) 30 Dec, 2018 Haydock NH Injured Near-Hind Leg – Destroyed-
Sister Sibyl (IRE) 29 Dec, 2018 Doncaster NH Injured – Destroyed-
Scales Of Justice (IRE) 29 Dec, 2018 Kelso Fell – Fatally Injured-
Just Bobby (IRE) 26 Dec, 2018 Sedgefield Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Lord Fendale (IRE) 26 Dec, 2018 Fontwell Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Make Magic (IRE) 20 Dec, 2018 Chelmsford Lost Action – Fatally Injured-
Ablazing (IRE) 19 Dec, 2018 Ludlow Fell – Fatally Injured-
Northern Sky (IRE) 07 Dec, 2018 Sedgefield Fell – Injured Foreleg – Destroyed-
Sierra Oscar (IRE) 03 Dec, 2018 Musselburgh NH Broke Foreleg Pastern – Destroyed-
Smart Ruler (IRE) 03 Dec, 2018 Musselburgh NH Collapsed During Race – Dead-
Kensukes Kingdom (IRE) 03 Dec, 2018 Musselburgh NH Finished Race Lame – Destroyed-
Tornado In Milan (IRE) 26 Nov, 2018 Ludlow Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Watcombe Heights (IRE) 25 Nov, 2018 Exeter Collapsed and Died After Race-
Delusionofgrandeur (IRE) 24 Nov, 2018 Haydock NH Fell – Collapsed and Died later-
Jovial Joey (IRE) 23 Nov, 2018 Catterick NH Fell – Dead-
Casterly Rock (IRE) 14 Nov, 2018 Exeter Fell – Fatally Injured-
Park Philosopher (IRE) 14 Nov, 2018 Bangor-On-Dee Fell – Fatally Injured-
City Break (IRE) 14 Nov, 2018 Exeter Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed-
Ladurelli (IRE) 07 Nov, 2018 Chelmsford Lost Action – Fatally Injured-
Presenting Berkly (IRE) 05 Nov, 2018 Plumpton Fell – Fatally Injured-
Shantou Rock (IRE) 03 Nov, 2018 Ascot NH Slipped on Landing – Broke Hind Leg – Destroyed-
Jump For Dough (IRE) 28 Oct, 2018 Aintree Hit Hurdle – Broke Foreleg – Destroyed-
Havana Beat (IRE) 26 Oct, 2018 Cheltenham Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Silent Account (IRE) 25 Oct, 2018 Southwell NH Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed-
My Wigwam Or Yours (IRE) 21 Oct, 2018 Sedgefield Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Ciaoifsin (IRE) 16 Oct, 2018 Hereford Finished Race – Fatally Injured-
Creevytennant (IRE) 10 Oct, 2018 Ludlow Fell – Broke Near-Foreleg – Destroyed-
Captain Bob (IRE) 03 Oct, 2018 Newcastle AW Broke Down – Fatally Injured-
Millen Dollar Man (IRE) 01 Oct, 2018 Newton Abbot Broke Near-Foreleg after Jumping Hurdle – Destroyed-
Dodgybingo (IRE) 26 Sep, 2018 Perth Broke Foreleg – Destroyed-
Enzos Lad (IRE) 18 Sep, 2018 Kempton AW Broke Down – Fatally Injured-
Its Pandorama (IRE) 17 Sep, 2018 Hexham Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Eyecatcher (IRE) 25 Aug, 2018 Redcar Broke Leg – Destroyed-
Smiling Jessica (IRE) 25 Aug, 2018 Cartmel Dislocated Fetlock – Destroyed-
Clondaw Kaempfer (IRE) 18 Aug, 2018 Perth Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed-
Le Dauphin (IRE) 18 Aug, 2018 Perth Fell – Dead-
Bendomingo (IRE) 18 Aug, 2018 Market Rasen Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Arden Warrior (IRE) 09 Aug, 2018 Brighton Broke Foreleg – Destroyed-
On A May Day (IRE) 02 Aug, 2018 Epsom Broke Down – Fatally Injured-
Shaybani (IRE) 02 Aug, 2018 Goodwood Broke Down – Fatally Injured-
Bennachie (IRE) 02 Aug, 2018 Stratford Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
King Spirit (IRE) 26 Jul, 2018 Worcester Finished Race Lame – Injured Tendon – Destroyed-
Wadswick Court (IRE) 21 Jul, 2018 Market Rasen Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Motion To Strike (IRE) 21 Jul, 2018 Cartmel Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed-
Admiral Kid (IRE) 15 Jul, 2018 Stratford Broke Hind Leg on Landing after Jump – Destroyed-
Join The Clan (IRE) 06 Jul, 2018 Newton Abbot Died After Race-
Byron Blue (IRE) 03 Jul, 2018 Stratford Fell – Dead-
The Romford Pele (IRE) 01 Jul, 2018 Uttoxeter Collapsed and Died During Race-
Another Hero (IRE) 01 Jul, 2018 Uttoxeter Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed-
One For The GuvNr (IRE) 01 Jul, 2018 Cartmel Fell – Dead-
The Doorman (IRE) 24 Jun, 2018 Hexham Fell – Fatally Injured-
Little Chunk (IRE) 21 Jun, 2018 Ffos Las NH Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Istanbul Sultan (IRE) 16 Jun, 2018 Chester Collapsed and Died After Race-
Work In Progress (IRE) 09 Jun, 2018 Stratford Fell – Fatally Injured-
King Billy (IRE) 09 Jun, 2018 Beverley Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
Hit And Run (IRE) 06 Jun, 2018 Uttoxeter Broke Near-Foreleg – Destroyed-
Ciaoadiosimdone (IRE) 06 Jun, 2018 Wetherby Flat Collapsed and Died After Race-
Blue Petal (IRE) 02 Jun, 2018 Hexham Fell – Dead-
Rare Legend (IRE) 02 Jun, 2018 Hexham Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Cobajayisland (IRE) 31 May, 2018 Ffos Las NH Injured Near-Foreleg – Destroyed-
Luna Eclipse (IRE) 31 May, 2018 Chelmsford Collapsed and Died After Race-
Dragstone Rock (IRE) 29 May, 2018 Lingfield AW Fatally Injured-
Character Onesie (IRE) 26 May, 2018 Cartmel Brought Down – Fatally Injured-
Alberta (IRE) 22 May, 2018 Huntingdon Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Stick To The Plan (IRE) 19 May, 2018 Bangor-On-Dee Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed-
Birdette (IRE) 18 May, 2018 York Lost Action – Fatally Injured-
Tiger Time (IRE) 15 May, 2018 Sedgefield Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
Bound For Glory (IRE) 08 May, 2018 Fakenham Finished Race – Fatally Injured-
Easter In Paris (IRE) 08 May, 2018 Fakenham Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
Spirit Of Mendip (IRE) 08 May, 2018 Exeter Finished Race – Lame – Destroyed-
Breaking Ground (IRE) 07 May, 2018 Warwick NH Broke Down between Hurdles – Destroyed-
Micks Wish (IRE) 07 May, 2018 Ayr NH Fell – Broke Neck – Dead-
Highland Fling (IRE) 26 Apr, 2018 Perth Broke Hind Leg on Landing after Jump – Destroyed-
Flemerina (IRE) 23 Apr, 2018 Hexham Fell Fatally-
Skywards Reward (IRE) 23 Apr, 2018 Hexham Broke Foreleg on Approach to Hurdle – Destroyed-
Nelly La Rue (IRE) 23 Apr, 2018 Hexham Broke Foreleg between Fences – Destroyed-
Lilbitluso (IRE) 12 Apr, 2018 Aintree Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Bridane Rebel (IRE) 27 Mar, 2018 Hereford Finished Race – Fatally Injured-
Bally Gilbert (IRE) 26 Mar, 2018 Huntingdon Broke Hind Leg – Destroyed-
Allmyown (IRE) 25 Mar, 2018 Carlisle NH Stumbled Landing – Broke Pastern – Destroyed-
Grandioso (IRE) 22 Mar, 2018 Ludlow Finished Race – Lame – Destroyed-
Dresden (IRE) 16 Mar, 2018 Cheltenham Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Some Plan (IRE) 16 Mar, 2018 Cheltenham Distracted by Loose Horse Fell – Fatally Injured-
Sable Island (IRE) 14 Mar, 2018 Huntingdon Broke Foreleg Jumping Hurdle – Destroyed-
Report To Base (IRE) 13 Mar, 2018 Cheltenham Fell – Fractured Neck – Dead-
Mossback (IRE) 13 Mar, 2018 Cheltenham Fell – Fractured Shoulder – Destroyed-
Master Ruffit (IRE) 09 Mar, 2018 Ayr NH Fell – Fatally Injured-
Thebarrowman (IRE) 24 Feb, 2018 Newcastle NH Fell – Broke Neck – Dead-
Argocat (IRE) 17 Feb, 2018 Haydock NH Pulled up-Fatally injured
Idyllic (IRE) 15 Feb, 2018 Chelmsford Broke Down – Fatally Injured-
Champagne James (IRE) 10 Feb, 2018 Uttoxeter Went Wrong – Injured – Destroyed-
Becauseshesaidso (IRE) 29 Jan, 2018 Hereford Hit Fence – Broke Off-Fore Cannon Bone – Destroyed-
Prussian Eagle (IRE) 27 Jan, 2018 Uttoxeter Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Goodnightirene (IRE) 21 Jan, 2018 Fontwell Fell – Broke Near-Hind Leg – Destroyed-
Yorkee Mo Sabee (IRE) 20 Jan, 2018 Lingfield AW Broke Foreleg Pastern – Destroyed-
Secret Strategy (IRE) 20 Jan, 2018 Lingfield AW Finished Race – Fatally Injured-
Bobby Benton (IRE) 12 Jan, 2018 Lingfield AW Slipped on Bend and Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Peter Stuyvesant (IRE) 10 Jan, 2018 Kempton AW Injured Hind Leg – Destroyed-
Taskeen (IRE) 08 Jan, 2018 Wolverhampton Injured Hind Leg – Destroyed-
Edvardo (IRE) 06 Jan, 2018 Wincanton B/D – Running Loose – Broke Neck – Dead-
Horse deaths at Irish racecourses
2017: 88
2016: 83
2015: 89
2014: 99
2013: 121
2012: 82
Horse deaths at point-to-point races
2017-18: 28
2016-17: 32
2015-16: 36
2014-15: 30
2013-14: 42
2012-13: 49

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