Dublin footballers reject greyhound racing appeal

8 Nov


The Dublin senior football team has rejected appeals for it to stay away from greyhound racing and is going ahead with another “Dubs at the Dogs” event at Shelbourne Park stadium – the worst track in Ireland this year for greyhound injuries.

Football fans are being lured to the track with the promise of autographs and photographs with the players and Sam Maguire cup. It is being promoted as “a night not to be missed for Dublin supporters”.

Organisers are encouraging children to attend the gambling venue with the offer of half price tickets.

The Dublin team are returning to Shelbourne Park despite repeated appeals to them to show compassion for the dogs and choose a different venue.

Shocking statistics confirm that greyhounds continue to suffer and die in greyhound racing. In the first half of 2018, 163 greyhounds suffered injuries and 53 died or were killed by track vets. The greyhounds sustained injuries to hocks, wrists, legs, toes, shoulders, necks, backs, tails and muscles. Greyhounds suffered injuries at all tracks, with the HIGHEST NUMBER RECORDED AT SHELBOURNE PARK (24) – followed by Galway (17) and Mullingar (16). Cork’s Curraheen Park saw the most injured greyhounds being destroyed by a track vet – 7 dogs (half of the 14 injured). Newbridge track was the worst for the percentages of greyhounds injured and killed (0.75% and 0.27% respectively).

In the past three and a half years, 1,369 greyhounds suffered injuries and 438 were killed at Irish tracks. This includes, 129 greyhounds injured and 29 killed at Shelbourne Park. The figures are based on “reported” injuries and deaths, suggesting that the actual number could be even higher. This does not include the greyhounds injured at tracks and later killed elsewhere, or the thousands of greyhounds who go missing each year – presumed killed when found to be too slow to win races.

Greyhounds are also dying in local dog pounds. 80 were destroyed in pounds last year, bringing to 2,729 the number of greyhounds killed in pounds in the past eight years.

It is disappointing that after so many revelations about greyhounds being injured, doped, dumped, killed and exported to countries with little or no animal welfare, the Dublin team is associating with this disgusting industry.

Fundraisers at tracks are helping to keep the greyhound industry afloat – the track takes a 30-40 per cent commission from ticket sales and also profits from gambling and food/drink sales on the night.

Greyhound racing is also sustaining the cruel bloodsport of hare coursing – all greyhounds used in track racing are registered with the Irish Coursing Club and the registration fees help fund coursing activities. In coursing, thousands of hares are snatched from the wild every year for use as live bait for greyhounds to chase. Hares are terrorised while desperately running for their lives and there are injuries and deaths due to maulings.

Please join us in urging Dublin GAA and event organisers Hill16 Army to say NO to greyhound racing and choose an alternative venue for their event.

Dublin GAA
Tel:(01) 8312099
Email info@dublingaa.ie; info@hill16.ie
Tweet to @DubGAAOfficial @Hill16Army
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DublinGAAOfficial/

Don’t attend greyhound races or fundraisers/hen parties/office parties held at greyhound tracks.

Join us in urging GAA Head Office to tell member clubs to reject greyhound racing as a form of fundraising.

Email: queries@gaa.ie
Leave a comment on Facebook
Tweet to @officialgaa

Sign the petition
GAA: Stop club fundraisers at greyhound tracks

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