“Ban fur farming” stall in Cork city centre

9 Aug

cork greens fur farming stall

A Saturday stall in Cork city centre is encouraging people to join the campaign for a
ban on Ireland’s cruel fur farming. Read the Evening Echo report for more details…

Patrick Street stall to highlight fur farming
Evening Echo, 3 August 2018

The Green Party wants to raise public awareness about the Irish fur farming industry through stalls on Patrick Street.

A coalition of Cork animal rights activists, including the Greens, will begin hosting a regular stall in Cork city centre from this Saturday to highlight the issue of fur farming ahead of legislation to ban the practice in Ireland in Autumn.

Fur farming was in the process of being phased out in Ireland by the Green Party when it was in government before 2011.

However, the process was reversed by the now Tanaiste, Simon Coveney, in 2012.

Three fur farms remain in Ireland, farming hundreds of thousands of mink for export each year.

Announcing the start of the campaign in Cork, Mark Cronin, the Green Party’s representative in the Cork City North East ward, said the practice is cruel, keeping mink outside their natural habitat.

“Three fur farms remain in Ireland. These kill 200,000 mink every year, all for the sake of fashion. The mink are held in small cages, completely alientated from their natural habitat, which would be by river banks and other water areas as they are a solitary, semi-aquatic animal.”

He said that this is part of an international movement to end fur farming and called on locals to get involved and lobby in favour of a ban.

“The trend across Europe is to ban this industry. Belgium is the latest country to declare it will. The bill in Autumn is being introduced by Solidarity and has cross-party support, including the Green Party.

“It is imperative that people should make their opposition to this shameful industry known. A goal of setting up this stall is to get people to lobby their local TD in relation to the bill and to ban fur farming in Ireland,” he said.

The stall will be open 11.30am to 3.30pm every Saturday on Patrick Street.


Please contact your TDs and urge them to support Solidarity’s upcoming Prohibition of Fur Farming Bill. Contact details for TDs can be found at https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/members/tds/?term=/ie/oireachtas/house/dail/32

Email “Please support a ban on cruel fur farming” to Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael:
info@fiannafail.ie, micheal.martin@oireachtas.ie, finegael@finegael.ie, leo.varadkar@oireachtas.ie

More party contact details – http://www.banbloodsports.com/parties.htm

Find out more about Solidarity’s Bill at

Join us in urging Minister Michael Creed and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to put in place a long overdue ban on fur farming.

Email “Ban fur farming NOW” to Leo.Varadkar@oir.ie, michael.creed@oir.ie, taoiseach@taoiseach.gov.ie, AnimalHealthAndWelfareAct@agriculture.gov.ie

Tel: +353 (0)1 6194000 (Leo Varadkar)
Tel: 01-607 2000 or LoCall 1890-200510 (Michael Creed)
Tweet: @campaignforleo @creedcnw Ban fur farming NOW
Comment on Facebook:

Sign and share our petition – Ban fur farming in Ireland


ICABS footage – Victims of Ireland’s cruel far farming

NARA footage showing caged mink in a fur farm in Donegal

Mink pulled from cages and thrown into gassing box

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