Irish greyhound “CUT AND BRUISED” at UK race

3 Jul

cut and bruised

A 2-year-old Irish greyhound was left “CUT AND BRUISED” after crashing into a trackside rail during a race in the UK yesterday.

A report on the Irish Greyhound Board website reveals that greyhound, Innocent Times, “appeared to be the worst sufferer as he crashed into the outside plastic rail” at Nottingham track.

The son of the greyhound owner was quoted as saying “He is cut and bruised and feels sorry for himself but he has been well looked after by Nottingham. We won’t know if he has any fracture until he has had an x-ray.”

Another greyhound who also fell during the race was “reported to have a sore, swollen wrist”.

These two dogs are among the many victims of greyhound racing. Greyhound Board of Great Britain figures show that over 1,000 greyhounds died or were killed at UK tracks in 2017 and that greyhounds suffer almost 5,000 injuries every year.

Here in Ireland, more than a thousand greyhounds suffered injuries and 385 were killed by track vets in the past three years. In 2017, 357 greyhounds were injured at Irish tracks and 124 were killed.


Say NO to the greyhound industry – don’t attend races or fund-raisers held at greyhound tracks (these are a significant source of funding for the greyhound industry). Distribute our “6 reasons to say NO to greyhound racing” leaflet outside greyhound tracks to encourage people to show compassion and boycott greyhound racing.

You can download the leaflet at or order copies by emailing

Encourage your local animal protection groups to join calls for an end to greyhound racing, given the cruelty and killing involved.


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