Enniscorthy Credit Union holding “Race Night” at track where dogs suffer and die

12 Jun


Enniscorthy Credit Union is holding a “Greyhound Race Night” this weekend at a local track where dogs suffer and die.

A notice on the Irish Greyhound Board website reveals that the race night is being organised by the credit union and that “free tickets are being distributed by the Enniscorthy Credit Union”.

Thumbs down to Enniscorthy Credit Union for supporting an industry which is inherently cruel, with greyhounds injured, doped, mutilated, dumped and killed.

This is not the first time that Enniscorthy Credit Union has supported greyhound racing. In previous years, it has sponsored several races at Enniscorthy track, with thousands of euros in prize money. These have included the “Enniscorthy Credit Union Staff A4 525” race in 2016 and the “Enniscorthy Credit Union Feature Race A2 575” in 2015.

Since 2015, 38 dogs have suffered injuries at Enniscorthy track and 15 were killed by a vet. Nationwide, more than a thousand greyhounds have suffered injuries, with 385 destroyed.


Urge Enniscorthy Credit Union to show compassion for the dogs and stop sponsoring races and holding events at the track.

Enniscorthy Credit Union Limited,
Abbey Square,
Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford
Tel: +353 (0)53 9233835
Email: info@enniscorthycu.ie, info@creditunion.ie
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