Boston Scientific announces it “does not officially sanction or sponsor dog racing activities”

12 Jun

boston scientific

Boston Scientific’s association with greyhound racing looks set to come to an end in Ireland, following a statement from its US headquarters that it “does not officially sanction or sponsor any dog racing activities”.

Back in March, ICABS launched an appeal to the medical devices company – which has bases in Clonmel, Cork and Galway – to disassociate from the cruel greyhound industry after its name was attached to a race in Clonmel in January (“Welcome To Boston Scientific N3/A9 525 Yards”) and a race at Galway track in March (“The Boston Scientific 525”).

The company has been associated with greyhound racing here since at least April 2004 when the “The Boston Scientific Open Hurdle” race took place at Galway track.

In our appeal, we highlighted the dogs injured and killed at Galway and Clonmel tracks and that over the past three years, over a thousand greyhounds have suffered injuries at tracks around Ireland, with 385 killed.

Responding to a US-based animal activist who challenged the company on its apparent support for greyhound racing, a Boston Scientific spokesperson stated: “Boston Scientific does not officially sanction or sponsor any dog racing activities”.

“The events that you mentioned were unofficial activities, and we have advised our employees about appropriate use of the Boston Scientific name in the future,” the spokesperson added.

ICABS welcomes this positive response from Boston Scientific. It becomes the latest in a growing list of companies to disassociate from the cruel greyhound industry.

– In April 2018, Hyde Irish Whiskey said it will “never again sponsor a dog race” after it was told about the cruelty of the greyhound industry.

– In March 2018, Electric Ireland scrapped a “50% off admission for a night at the dogs” discount offer after an appeal from ICABS and contact from concerned customers. An Electric Ireland representative stated: “We no longer offer Rewards for the Irish Greyhound Board.”

– In December, Aldi Ireland confirmed that its Arklow store did not sponsor a greyhound race in Enniscorthy, despite the Irish Greyhound Board website suggesting that it did. According to the IGB, race 3 at Enniscorthy greyhound track on 15 December was “The Aldi Arklow A6 525”

– In October 2017, UK-based discounts website, Voucher Cloud, responded positively to an ICABS appeal and scrapped an Irish Greyhound Board 2-for-1 offer for greyhound racing.

– In September 2017, the Maldron Hotel in Limerick removed greyhound racing leaflets from a display in the hotel. Responding to an ICABS appeal, in which we highlighted cruelty and killing in the greyhound industry, the Maldron Hotel chain replied to say: “We have removed these leaflets from our Maldron Limerick hotel foyer.”

– In May 2017, Toyota Ireland ordered the Irish Greyhound Board to remove its brand name from the title of a race held at Clonmel greyhound track. The car company told the IGB that the Toyota brand was used without its knowledge or consent. The Tipperary track and the Irish Greyhound Board had listed the race as “The Toyota A3 Stake for Bitches”, despite the fact that Toyota did not sponsor the race or have anything to do it.

– In November 2016, Toyota Ireland announced that the sponsorship of greyhound racing by one of its authorised dealers in Cork had ended. “We have never sponsored greyhound racing and have no intention of doing so in the future,” Toyota Ireland stated in an email to ICABS. “The sponsorship of the event in Cork was done by a local dealer who has assured us that his sponsorship of the event has ended and he will not be involved in the sponsorship of any greyhound racing again in future.”

– In November 2016, Tesco Ireland confirmed that it had removed greyhound racing from its Clubcard deals. A Tesco spokesperson tweeted: “I can confirm we have cancelled this offer…we have decided to cease this offer going forward.”

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