Another Irish greyhound shamefully exported to China

15 May

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Greyhound protection group, CAGED Nationwide, is reporting this week that another Irish greyhound has ended up in China – a country with no animal welfare laws.

The shocking revelation comes just weeks after disturbing video footage surfaced online showing a greyhound being attacked and beheaded by a Chinese butcher wielding a meat cleaver. This horrific scene was brought to the attention of Agriculture Minister Michael Creed – along with another video of a greyhound being thrown into a barrel of water and boiled alive – as part of a renewed appeal to him to stop the exports.

In a Facebook post, CAGED Nationwide states: “Yet another Droopys greyhound is showing up as exported to China, this time Droopys Dale that has fallen victim to the industry’s greed. He is another exported greyhound that has Michael Dunphy as the last registered owner on the [Irish Coursing Club] ICC database.”

Six-year-old Droopys Dale “will be used for breeding at the Huangyuan Kaiyuan breeding facility in mainland China”.

Last month, CAGED highlighted that Irish-bred Droopys Patrice was also exported to China – “This male greyhound doesn’t seem to have any racing history but the pattern of greyhounds that have Michael Dunphy from Droopys Stud as their last registered owner is becoming more common. This boy is now in mainland China & will be used for breeding until he can no longer carry on. He is now at Asahi Kennel, Botou City.”

Droopys Dale and Droopys Patrice appear on the Irish Greyhound Board and Irish Coursing Club websites, with the owner listed as “Mr Michael Dunphy, Waterford”.

Dunphy and his two brothers are the owners of Portlaw-based Droopys Stud which describes itself as “the most successful greyhound breeding establishment in Europe”. Its website – – lists dogs for use in track racing and hare coursing.

The Irish Coursing Club has praised the Dunphy family as “great supporters and sponsors of coursing”.

These are not the first greyhounds, previously owned by Michael Dunphy, to have ended up in China. According to CAGED Nationwide, other dogs now known to be in China are:

– Droopys Blair: Born in Ireland in January 2013, “sent to Qingyun County, Shandong province, China”
– Droopys Giovanni: Born in Ireland in October 2008, after he sired 143 offspring in Ireland, he “went out to the Jinghai district, Tianjin, China”
– Droopys Magnus: Born in Ireland in March 2013, now “based somewhere in the area of Beijing”
– Droopys Pleasure: Born in Ireland in March 2013, she “will spend the next few years giving birth to as many litters as the breeders can use her for, in the Raoyang County, Hebei Province”

The Irish Greyhound Board website shows that Michael Dunphy has entered greyhounds into over 600 races in Ireland. His most recent race was at Kilkenny track on 11 May with a greyhound named “Droopys Policy”. The trainer of this dog is listed as Pat Buckley. Pat Buckley (brother of singer Jimmy Buckley) is the individual who, as reported previously by ICABS, provided a sworn affidavit in support of a greyhound handler disqualified from greyhound racing in Australia for participating in live baiting there. Despite horrific undercover footage showing greyhounds being unmuzzled to attack a pig who screamed in agony, Buckley’s statement to the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal praised greyhound handler Chris Connolly as a valued employee, saying “Chris is an integral part of our set up in my [Tipperary] kennels – we would be lost without him.”

Find out more about Irish-born greyhounds who have been exported to China


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