Maritime museum urged to stop fundraising at greyhound track

27 Apr

maritime museum w effect

A Cork museum is being urged to stop fundraising at a local greyhound track where dogs suffer and die.

The Passage West Maritime Museum’s fundraiser is due to take place this weekend at Curraheen Park track –

The museum has been told that in the past three years alone, over a thousand greyhounds have suffered injuries at tracks around Ireland and 385 were destroyed by track vets.

This includes 69 injuries reported at Curraheen Park and 23 dogs destroyed there.

In an email to the Passage West Maritime Museum, ICABS stated that track fundraisers are helping to keep the cruel greyhound industry afloat (through 20-40% ticket commissions, and food and drink sales/gambling on the night) and that with growing awareness around the inherent cruelty, the public is increasingly rejecting greyhound racing.

“We urge your museum to show compassion for the dogs and choose a different fundraising venue,” we added.


Join us in appealing to Passage West Maritime Museum to choose an alternative fundraising venue.

Angela Murphy
Passage West Maritime Museum
Main Street, Passage West,
Co. Cork

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