Kasko pet food company asked to stop sponsoring cruel greyhound industry

27 Apr

Irish pet food company, Kasko, is being urged to stop sponsoring greyhound racing at a track where dogs suffer injuries and die.

Kasko, which produces cat and dog food – including products “specially formulated for racing greyhounds” http://www.kasko.ie – has been sponsoring racing for at least ten years.

Most recently, it sponsored the “Kasko Kennel Krunch For Greyhounds A4” at Clonmel track last Sunday, 22nd April.

Kasko has been told that in the past three years alone, over a thousand greyhounds have suffered injuries at tracks around Ireland and 385 were destroyed by track vets. This includes 49 greyhounds injured and 14 destroyed at Clonmel track. Also highlighted was the illegal doping of dogs and the “disappearance” of thousands of dogs no longer quick enough to win races.

It is entirely inappropriate for a company marketing pet food products to animal lovers to be supporting an industry which is responsible for so much suffering and death.

As well as sponsoring greyhound racing, Kasko has in the past also supported hare coursing. In November 2016, Kasko was a sponsor at a coursing meeting in Trim. In 2014, it placed a full page advert in the booklet for the national hare coursing finals in Clonmel.


Join us in urging Kasko to stop sponsoring the cruel greyhound industry. Tell the company that you will not buy their dog or cat food as long as they sponsor greyhound racing and hare coursing.

19 Main Street,
Cashel, Co. Tipperary
Tel: +353 62 61240 or Tel: +353 21 4375108
Email: btndistribution@eircom.net


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