Dublin Montessori and crèche urged to say NO to cruel greyhound industry

30 Mar

Dublin Montessori and

A Montessori in Dublin is being urged to say “NO” to greyhound racing. According to the Irish Greyhound Board website, one of the races at Shelbourne Park track on 24th March was “The Sharavogue Montessori School A1 525”.

In an appeal this week, ICABS told management of the Glenageary-based Montessori, Crèche and Junior School about the suffering of dogs in greyhound racing.

“The greyhound industry is inherently cruel with dogs injured, illegally doped, mutilated, dumped and killed,” we stated. “In 2017, at least 357 greyhounds suffered injuries at tracks around Ireland, with 124 dogs destroyed. At Shelbourne Park, 21 greyhounds sustained injuries and 10 were put to sleep. We hope you will show compassion for the dogs and disassociate from greyhound racing.”

Rathfarnham’s Parkside Childcare Montessori and crèche was also listed on the IGB website in connection to another race on the same night, i.e. “The Parkside Childcare A1 525”.


Please join us in appealing to Sharavogue Montessori and Parkside Childcare to say NO to the cruel greyhound industry.

Sharavogue Montessori
Phone: 01-2858546
Email: info@sharavogue.ie

Parkside Childcare
Tel: 01 4938226
Email: info@parksidechildcare.ie
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/parksidecreche
Twitter https://twitter.com/parksidecreche

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