Radisson Blu Hotel urged to stop hosting hare coursing awards

18 Mar

Radisson Blu coursing awards 2018

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Limerick is being urged to cancel its hosting of a hare coursing function next month.

The “Irish Coursing Club Awards” are due to take place at the hotel on April 14th.

The hotel has ignored a previous Irish Council Against Blood Sports appeal for it to stop hosting coursing-related events.

In 2015, we expressed disappointment to Radisson Blu Limerick management after the hotel wished “good luck” to hare coursers. In a Radisson tweet, it was stated: “Tonight we host the ICC [Irish Coursing Club] awards #goodluck #enjoy.”

The Irish Coursing Club’s awards take place following a season of suffering for hares. The animals are snatched from the wild in nets, kept in captivity for months and forced to run for their lives in front of dogs. The hares caught and mauled by the dogs sustain painful injuries and every coursing season, hare deaths are documented. Hares who survive the ordeal are at risk of later dying from stress-related capture myopathy.

Video footage captured by ICABS during the past season shows hares being mauled into the ground and knocked head over heels – see our Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/icabs

“Hare coursing is one of Ireland’s worst forms of animal cruelty. The Radisson Blu Limerick should not be hosting a coursing awards function,” ICABS has stated in a message to the hotel chain. “Please show compassion for Irish wildlife and cancel this event at your hotel.”


Urge the Radisson Blu to stop hosting hare coursing events.

Radisson Blu Hotel Limerick
Ennis Road, Limerick, Ireland
Tel: (+353) 61 456200
Email: sales.limerick@radissonblu.com, geraldine.mccarthy@radissonblu.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/radissonblu/community/?ref=page_internal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RadissonBlu https://twitter.com/RadissonBluLime


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