Deaf Enterprises urged to stop greyhound track fundraising

24 Jan

Cork’s “Deaf Enterprises” is being urged to reject greyhound racing as a fundraising method.

The organisation which provides training and employment to Cork’s Deaf community has organised a “night at the dogs” event for this Saturday at Curraheen Park – a track where 18 greyhounds suffered injuries and six were destroyed last year. The illegal Class a drug, cocaine, has also been found in greyhounds raced at Curraheen Park.

“We hope your organisation will show compassion for the dogs and choose an alternative fundraising venue,” ICABS stated in an email to Deaf Enterprises.

Track fundraisers directly support the cruel greyhound industry (through ticket commissions, and food and drink sales and gambling on the night).

There is much suffering in the greyhound industry. As well as the dogs injured, doped and killed at tracks, an estimated 10,000 greyhounds disappear in Ireland each year – most likely destroyed when they are found to be not fast enough to win races and make money for owners. A former chairman of the Irish Greyhound Board admitted on Cork’s 96 FM that he believes it is “absolutely” okay for thousands of dogs to be killed and that racing couldn’t exist without the destruction of dogs.

Among the many victims of the greyhound industry are an emaciated greyhound dumped in Tipperary with her ears burned with acid (to remove markings which would identify the owner), an ex-racing greyhound with ribcage protruding and infested with fleas and worms rescued in Galway and three “severely underweight” greyhounds registered with the Irish Greyhound Board suffering with lesions and pressure sores.

Due to a growing awareness about the animal cruelty and illegal doping of dogs, the Irish public is increasingly rejecting greyhound racing – evident in a 50 per cent fall in track attendance in recent years and a 58 per cent drop in sponsorship.


Urge Deaf Enterprises to reject greyhound track fundraiser and choose an alternative venue for its fundraiser.

Deaf Enterprises
2A Sundrive Park,
Ballinlough Road, Cork
Tel: (021) 429 4111

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