Over 2,000 deer shot in Kerry during 2017

23 Jan

More than 2,000 deer were shot dead in County Kerry last year, newly released figures have revealed. 45 red deer were killed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service…

Over 2,000 deer shot in Kerry during 2017
The Kerryman Newspaper, 20th January 2018

The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has told The Kerryman that more than 2,000 deer were shot in Kerry by licensed hunters during the 2016/17 hunting season, with 45 red deer culled in Killarney National Park by National Park and Wildlife Service (NPWS) staff between January and March of last year.

The Department explained that the cull of 34 female and 11 male deer took place following a survey and report on the park’s deer population in late 2016.

According to a spokesperson, a cull was necessary to protect the ecology of the park, with particular focus on lowland herds. The current population of Red deer in the park is about 700, and another cull is expected in 2018 pending an upcoming submission to Minister Josepha Madigan.

“There is a significant challenge in attempting to balance the demands of agriculture, forestry and conservation with the need to ensure that deer populations occupying the same land resources are managed at sustainable levels, and in a responsible and ethical manner,” a Department spokesperson told The Kerryman. “Where deer species are increasing in range and numbers, depending on the annual count and instances of damage caused by deer to habitats – especially woodland – culls need to be carried out”.

“Deer have the potential to impact significantly on woodlands, including the iconic yew, oak and also wet woodlands within the Park (e.g. by bark stripping of mature trees and preventing regeneration).

“Culls . are in the best interest of the deer herds and of the National Park. They are conducted in accordance with best husbandry practice and in full conformity with scientific and agricultural guidelines.”



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