Calor Gas urged to disassociate from greyhound racing

18 Jan


Calor Gas is being urged to disassociate from the cruel greyhound industry. At Northern Ireland’s Drumbo Park track on 12th January, the greyhound races included “Calor Gas Domestic Installer’s Race 335”, “Calor Gas for your Total Home Energy Race 525” and “Calor Gas introduces Bio LPG 2018 Race 335” –

In an appeal to the company, ICABS stated: “It is very surprising that, after all the latest media revelations [e.g. RTE Prime Time, Drive Time, Claire Byrne Live, etc] about cruelty, drugging and killing of greyhounds that any company would choose to align itself with this industry…We hope Calor Ireland will show compassion for the dogs and fully disassociate from greyhound racing. ”


Contact Calor Gas and urge the company to disassociate from greyhound racing.

Tel: 1850 812 450 or 01 450 5000 (Republic of Ireland)
Tel: 028 9045 5588 (Northern Ireland)
Tweet to: @calorireland


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