Sherry Fitzgerald using hunting as a property selling point

21 Dec

“Hunting is well catered for” in the locality – that’s what an auctioneer associated with Sherry Fitzgerald is shamefully using as a selling point for a country house in Clonard, County Meath.

A property description on the Sherry Fitzgerald website states: “Hunting is well catered for by the Ward Union, Tara, Meath and Kildare hunting packs…”

These hunts are responsible for terrorisation of animals and for animals being attacked and ripped apart. It is shameful that any auctioneer would turn a blind eye to the horrors of hunting and use it as a means to try and make a property appear more appealing. A classic case of cash before compassion.


Join us in contacting Sherry Fitzgerald and Tom Fox Auctioneers to urge them to remove the reference to hunting from its property listing.

Sherry Fitzgerald Head Office
164 Shelbourne Road
Dublin 4
Phone: +353 1 2376300
Fax: +353 1 6609262

Tom Fox Auctioneer
Contact: Denise Fox
Phone: 044 9379988


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