Why you should say NO to greyhound track fundraisers

1 Dec

Fundraising charities, community groups, sports clubs and schools are being urged to stay away from greyhound tracks. Fundraisers at tracks directly support the cruel greyhound industry in which dogs are injured, mutilated, drugged, dumped and killed. The tracks take a significant 30-40% ticket commission for themselves and also, on the night, profit from gambling and food and drink sales.

With the general public increasingly avoiding greyhound racing – evident in a 50 per cent drop in track attendance – the industry is desperately pursuing charities, GAA clubs and schools to organise fundraisers at tracks. Join our appeal to these to show compassion for the dogs and fundraise elsewhere.

Please send a link to this video to any group organising a greyhound track fundraiser and urge them to change the venue. Tell them that the greyhound industry has received another €16 million in Budget 2018 and that they should join calls on the government to scrap this massive grant to a cruel and dying industry and instead give the money to the deserving causes that are being forced to fundraise.

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