Minister questioned about illegal doping of greyhounds

1 Dec

Thanks to Dublin Central politician, Maureen O’Sullivan TD, for questioning Agriculture Minister about illegal doping of greyhounds in cruel greyhound industry…

ICABS President, Maureen O’Sullivan TD has questioned the Minister for Agriculture about illegal drugging of dogs in Ireland’s cruel greyhound industry…

In her 3rd October Dail Question, Deputy O’Sullivan (Dublin Central) asked Minister Michael Creed “the way in which he plans to deal with the cases of illegal doping of dogs, particularly greyhounds; and his plans to apply transparency on doping in the greyhound industry, for example publishing the details of OOC tests and supporting unannounced visits.”

Minister Creed’s reply sheds light on why a greyhound who tested positive for cocaine three times in the summer was allowed to be raced again last weekend – i.e. despite a greyhound testing positive for a prohibited subtance, a trainer/owner is free to use that dog for racing again as soon as “a further test is undertaken which yields negative results”.

Minister Creed’s reply in full…

“Bord na gCon has informed me that it has carried out an extensive review of procedures for regulatory control with many new standard operating procedures either finalised or close to finalisation. New secondary legislation is now in place with the result that any adverse analytical finding from a greyhound tested for prohibited substances after October 1st 2015 will be published and the greyhound immediately banned from racing until a further test is undertaken which yields negative results. In addition the findings of all new cases initiated after the October 1st 2015 and coming before the Control Committee and the Control Appeals Committee which, adjudicate on any possible breaches of regulation, will be published as will the reasons for their decision.

“A Scientific Committee on Doping and Medication Control has been established. Its task will be to advise Bord na gCon on an ongoing basis on scientific matters relating to doping and medication control in greyhounds. In particular it will review the current list of substances which are prohibited or controlled and, where applicable, their associated thresholds or limits, and it will advise Bord na gCon on any changes considered necessary from a scientific point of view.

“Also an intelligence lead testing regime has been developed targeting its resources at the areas of greatest risk. Targeted testing has included testing in competition, at trials and also at greyhound sales. Bord na gCon has confirmed that it has also adopted an inter-agency cooperation strategy in its anti-doping and medication control policy, insofar as legislation permits, to ensure intelligence-led mechanisms with other enforcement agencies are in place to police this area of risk for the industry whilst making the best use of the limited resources available.

“I intend to introduce a new Greyhound Industry Bill in the autumn which addresses the Governance of Bord na gCon, strengthens regulatory controls in the Industry, modernises sanctions and improves integrity with a view to building a reputation for exceptional regulation in the sector.The draft General Scheme of the bill has already progressed through the pre-legislative scrutiny phase and a memorandum will go to Government in the coming weeks requesting approval to publish the updated General Scheme and to submit it to the OPC for drafting.”

A growing list of the latest “adverse analytical findings” – dogs which tested positive for drugs – is published on the Irish Greyhound Board website at


Don’t support the cruel greyhound industry. Never attend greyhound races or community fund-raisers held at greyhound tracks (these are a significant source of funding for the cruel greyhound industry).

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