Tennent’s Lager urged to stop sponsoring greyhound racing

26 Nov

The Tennent’s Lager company is being urged to stop sponsoring the cruel greyhound industry.

The recent “£5,000 Tennent’s Gold Cup” at Northern Ireland’s Drumbo Park is among the greyhound racing events sponsored by the company.

Ahead of the same event last year, Tennent’s Brand Manager Victoria Brown stated: “Traditionally the Grand Final of the Tennent’s Gold Cup is one of the most thrilling race nights of the year and one of the glitziest nights for race-goers as everyone gets into party mood. Expect high octane energy from the crowds as well as the dogs, as everyone screams encouragement for their personal favourite and enjoys the legendary craic. The Grand Final will be over in less than 29 seconds – these are some of the fastest dogs in the country, after all – but the celebrations and fun just keep on running.”

“Great nights out are synonymous with both Tennent’s Lager and Drumbo Park and we’re delighted to be part of the venue’s continuing success story,” she added.

Tennent’s Lager is owned by drinks company, C&C Group (whose other brands include Bulmers, Magners, Tipperary mineral water and Finches soft drinks). As highlighted previously by ICABS, an Irish Greyhound Board report outlined that “a national pouring rights agreement with C&C Group Plc, was implemented during 2015 which has resulted in a sizeable cash contribution to support the industry annually over the course of the three year agreement.” The deal means C&C has an “exclusive drink supply agreement” with the Irish Greyhound Board.

In an email to C&C, ICABS highlighted the appalling cruelty inherent in the greyhound industry, including dog injuries and deaths at tracks, the mutilation and dumping of dogs who aren’t quick enough to win, the doping and blooding of dogs and the “disappearance” of thousands of greyhounds every year.

Greyhounds can live up to 14 years on average, but the life-span of a racing greyhound in Ireland is just 3-4 years – when they are no longer winning on the tracks and coursing fields, many are executed. Others, considered not good enough to win here, are exported to countires with little or no animal welfare legislation.

See Tennent’s/Greyhound racing photos at https://bammag.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/tennents-gold-cup-greyhound-races-coming-soon-to-drumbo-park/


Urge Tennent’s/C&C to show compassion for the dogs and end its sponsorship of the cruel greyhound industry.

Stephen Glancey
CEO, C&C Group
Bulmers House, Keeper Road,
Crumlin, Dublin 12
Tel: +353 (0) 1 5063900
Email: Company.secretary@candcgroup.ie, stephen.glancey@candcgroup.ie,
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