GAA club in Naas urged to reject greyhound track fundraising

3 Nov
Another GAA club urged to reject greyhound track fundraising
Another GAA club is being urged to show compassion for dogs and say NO to greyhound track fundraising.
Coill Dubh Hurling Club in Naas, County Kildare – which is due to hold a fundraiser at a local track this week – has been told about the cruelty of the greyhound industry, i.e. dogs are injured, doped, mutilated, dumped and killed.
Fundraisers at greyhound tracks are helping to keep this cruel industry afloat – the track takes a significant commission from ticket sales (30-40 per cent) and also profits from gambling and food/drink sales on the night.
In a message to Coill Dubh Hurling Club, we highlighted that while sports clubs are forced to fundraise, the Irish Government is giving massive grants to the greyhound industry – nearly a quarter of a billion since 2001, with another €16 million earmarked for 2018.
The GAA and its affiliated clubs should join the growing calls on the government to stop funding the dying greyhound industry and instead direct the money to sports clubs and other worthy causes. In the meantime, clubs should reject greyhound racing and choose a fundraising method which does not involve animal exploitation.
Tel: 086-383 0995 (Club Chairperson, Trevor Carew)
Tweet to @coilldubhGAA @officialgaa

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