Another Irish greyhound exported to China

14 Jul

A priest who died 18 months ago is being listed on the Irish Greyhound Board website as the current owner of a greyhound who has been shamefully exported to China.

The IGB webpage for “North Bound” – a black greyhound born in February 2010 – lists his owner as Daniel P. Greene. Fr Greene, a priest from Limerick who was involved in greyhound racing and also supported hare coursing, passed away in December 2015.

The greyhound board website gives no indication that North Bound is not only now owned by someone else but has actually been exported to a country where no animal welfare laws exist.

Greyhound protection group, Caged Nationwide, has reported that North Bound is thousands of miles away in China and is being used for breeding. “Beautiful black greyhound North Bound is another Irish greyhound no longer wanted by his owner, so instead of giving this dog a home after racing the legs off him, his owner accepts money from the Chinese breeders in the city of Cangzhou, Hebei province,” the group states. “North Bound will now stay in Cangzhou for the rest of his exploited life.”

North Bound was last raced at Dublin’s Shelbourne Park stadium in November 2013. As reported by the Irish Independent in an article entitled “North Bound answers Fr Dan’s prayers”, the dog won a €25,000 race earlier that year. Photos taken after the race, show the chairman of the Irish Greyhound Board, Phil Meaney, posing next to him.

Between August 2011 and the end of 2013, North Bound was entered into over 50 races around Ireland – at Shelbourne Park and also at the Clonmel, Curraheen, Limerick and Thurles tracks.

There are grave concerns about North Bound and other Irish and British greyhounds exported to China.

“Due to China having a zero animal welfare policy and the increase of greyhounds being found within the dog meat trade we are extremely concerned for any dog that has been exported there,” Caged Nationwide says in a statement.

The Irish Government has failed to act to stop the exports, despite shocking video footage emerging last year showing a greyhound being boiled alive in China.

A list of 25 unfortunate greyhounds from Ireland and the UK who are now in China can be viewed at


Urgently contact Agriculture Minister Michael Creed to demand legislation to prevent any more Irish greyhounds being sent to China.

Michael Creed TD
Dail Eireann, Kildare St, Dublin
Tel: +353 (0)1-607 2000
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