Political Focus: Declan Breathnach TD

11 Jul

Declan Breathnach td.jpg

POLITICAL FOCUS – Declan Breathnach, TD (Fianna Fail, Louth):

On 12 April 2017, Declan Breathnach TD sent out a tweet encouraging people to support the cruel greyhound industry – “The Greyhound industry in Ireland is under serious pressure, why not support it this Friday”

In June 2016, he was among the 114 TDs who shamefully voted against Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan’s bill which sought to ban cruel hare coursing.

In December 2016, he voted in favour of the Horse and Greyhound Racing Fund Regulations 2016 which granted €80 million of taxpayers’ money to the horse and greyhound racing industries.


Contact Declan Breathnach, TD about his stance on animal cruelty issues.

Tel: 042 93 52446
Mobile: 087 269 7638
Email: declan.breathnach@gmail.com
Leave a comment on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/breathnach.declan
Tweet to @BreathnachLouth

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