Major losses for Irish greyhound tracks

9 Jun

“Galway greyhound stadium – loss. Kingdom greyhound stadium – loss. Limerick greyhound stadium – loss. Waterford greyhound stadium – loss. Youghal stadium – loss. Mullingar greyhound stadium – loss”: Wateford politician, David Cullinane TD (Sinn Fein) highlighting that many of Ireland’s greyhound tracks have incurred major financial losses.

A meeting of the Public Accounts Committee (4th May 2017), focused on the 2015 Financial Statements of the Irish Greyhound Board and heard that the taxpayer-funded greyhound industry is losing huge amounts of money.

The accounts showed the losses as follows:

– The food and beverage side of the greyhound industry had a profit of €64,000 but a loss of €307,912 – an overall loss.

– Galway Greyhound Stadium had a profit of €169,850 and a loss of €233,645 – an overall loss.

– The Kingdom Greyhound Racing Company has a profit of €130,000 and a loss of €135,000 – an overall loss.

– Waterford and Mullingar greyhound tracks – both had losses

– Youghal greyhound track – “a very significant loss”

Just two greyhound tracks were said to have made a profit. Cork Greyhound Race Company Limited had a profit of €310,015 and a loss of €221,522 – “a profit of about €90,000” while Shelbourne Greyhound Stadium showed a profit of €725,000 and a loss of €174,000.

ICABS has brought to the attention of Deputy Cullinane and the members of the PAC a statement from the Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation which claims that when prize money payments are taken into account, “Shelbourne Park is actually another loss making venue for the IGB…The bottom line is that Shelbourne Park needed €34,972 of tax payers’ money to shore up its losses in 2015.”

The losses at greyhound tracks are not at all surprising with huge drops in track attendance and sponsorship over the past few years.

Read a full transcript of the PAC meeting at


Don’t attend greyhound races or fundraisers/hen parties/office parties held at greyhound tracks.

Please sign and share our petition

Irish Government: Stop Giving Millions of Euro to Cruel Greyhound Industry

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