Irish greyhound who crashed was “on the booze”, jokes commentator

23 May

An Irish greyhound who crashed hard at a track in the UK was “on the booze”, a race commentator has joked.

The joke came just after the 2-year-old dog, named “Sober Call”, fell face first into the ground and tumbled head over heels during a hurdle race at Northamptonshire’s Towcester track.

In February, another Irish greyhound suffered an agonising injury at the same track and could be heard crying out in pain. Campaign group, Greyt Exploitations reported at the time that “2-year-old white and black female Holycross Bride fell at the deadly first bend. Her screams could be heard ringing out around the track.”

Before being exported to the UK, “Sober Call” was last used in racing in Ireland in September 2016 at Shelbourne Park.

Dog injuries regularly occur in the cruel greyhound industry. In 2014, it was reported that there were 717 injuries to greyhounds at Irish tracks, arising from dogs skidding and crashing on the surfaces of tracks, and that 3-4 dogs are euthanised at each operational racing track every Saturday.

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