Clonmel Park Hotel slammed for supporting cruel hare coursing

18 Mar

Clonmel Park Hotel “welcomes all visitors to the national hare coursing meeting 2017”. SHAME on Clonmel Park Hotel for disregarding the suffering of hares and profiting from an animal cruelty event.

The hotel which describes hare coursing as a sport and those involved as “sports people”, has a full page advert in the booklet for the Clonmel coursing meeting at which hares are being forced to run for their lives in front of dogs. The hotel’s ad conveys a welcome to the coursers and announces that a coursing video is shown daily at the hotel.

One of the hares who suffered at the cruelty festival was filmed by RTE TV being repeatedly hit and mauled by dogs. See video footage below.



Make a complaint to Clonmel Park Hotel. If its support for coursing would make you choose an alternative hotel, make this clear in your correspondence.

Clonmel Park Hotel,
Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.
Tel: +353 (0)52 61 88 700
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