The suffering awaiting greyhounds exported to Pakistan

16 Mar
Sickening video footage has emerged which shows the kind of suffering that awaits Irish greyhounds exported to Pakistan. In the video, a greyhound cries out in pain after sustaining an agonising injury during a coursing meeting. The cries of the greyhound can be clearly heard and they continue as he is lifted from the ground and carried away.
Outlining the plight of Irish dogs who end up in the Asian country, animal protection group CAGED Nationwide has stated: “Irish greyhounds bred for the racing industry are being forced to travel thousands of miles to countries where there are no welfare laws. Around 80 per cent of dogs are sent to the UK from Ireland, but many are later transported to countries like Pakistan where there are no animal welfare laws whatsoever to protect them from suffering and death.”
According to Cork Dog Action Welfare Group, the Irish Greyhound Board held an international sale at Shelbourne Park last August where 117 greyhounds went on sale – “Buyers from around the world attended these sales, so once again some of our Irish greyhounds may end in countries such as China, Pakistan & Spain, all recognised for their cruel treatment of animals.”
Last month Kerry Elliman of Birmingham Greyhound Protection condemned the export of greyhound to countries “with no animal welfare laws”. Greyhounds sent to Pakistan “will either die at a very young age once they can no longer race or will be bred from,” she said, adding that a contact in Pakistan told her that it’s “dreadful for the dogs there, it’s always mega hot, there’s no animal protection laws, no rehoming programs and not many vets and the ones that are out there are hours away.”
He told her he has seen greyhounds “starved to death at the end of their careers”.
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