Greyhound trainer banned in Australia now working in Ireland

1 Mar

Senator Ronan Mullen has revealed that a greyhound trainer banned from working in the greyhound industry in Australia for using live animals in baiting is now working in a kennels in Ireland…

Man banned from Australian greyhound industry ‘works in State’
Rónán Mullen says man who used live animals for baiting employed at Irish kennel

Irish Times 21 February 2017

by Marie O’Halloran

A man banned from working in the greyhound industry in Australia for using live animals for baiting, is now working in a kennel in Ireland, the Seanad has heard.

Independent Senator Rónán Mullen claimed the man also been barred in England and he asked what was being done to ensure he did not work in the industry in the State.

Mr Mullen said there were significant issues of public concern in the industry which received State funding of €16 million a year.

The Galway-based Senator called for Minister of State for Food, Forestry and Horticulture Andrew Doyle who has responsibility for development of the industry, to come into the Seanad on Wednesday to address the issues involved.

Mr Mullen said RTÉ Prime Time was to broadcast a programme next week on the greyhound industry.

“It would be good to hear from the Minister of State tomorrow on the subject because far too often we have reaction to what emerges in RTÉ documentaries.”

Mr Mullen said: “It is sadly the case that a gentleman who was found by the Australian greyhound authorities to be using live animals for baiting and who was barred from working for the industry in Australia, and who I believe was barred in England also, is back working in a kennel in Ireland.”

He said The Sunday Times had reported on the doping of greyhounds. “It is important that the Minister of State would take the opportunity tomorrow to tell us what he knows about these disturbing reports, the action he has taken if he does know, if he has not known up to now, the reason for that, and what he intends to do now.”

Seanad leader Jerry Buttimer said the Minister would be in the House to discuss the industry.

Mr Buttimer was not familiar with the case Mr Mullen raised but he said :“It is important that anyone with specific information on the greyhound industry should forward it to the relevant authorities, including the Minister.”

He said the greyhound industry was important to the country and it employed large numbers of people. “It is important, therefore, that we uphold its good name.”

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