Disturbing video footage from Ireland’s largest fur farm

22 Feb

Sickening scenes at Ireland’s largest fur farm in Stradbally, County Laois show why Agriculture Minister, Michael Creed, must act NOW to ban this cruel industry.

In the disturbing footage filmed recently by ICABS, rows of agitated minks can be seen constantly moving back and forth and jumping against the sides of the cages that permanently confine them.

It is to Ireland’s shame that it continues to be a part of the fur trade and allows these hellholes to exist. An estimated 200,000 mink are killed on Irish fur farms every year. The animals endure a life of misery in captivity until, at six months of age, they are pulled from the cages, thrown into a box and poisoned to death with carbon monoxide gas before the fur is pulled from their bodies.

Mink are semi-aquatic and evolved physiologically to hold their breath. They are able to detect a lack of oxygen in their blood and are prone to hypoxia, which means that their suffering can continue during gassing.

After watching these disgusting scenes from Stradbally, please join us in contacting the government and demanding a ban on fur farming in Ireland.


Sign and share our petition – Ban fur farming in Ireland

Demand a ban on fur farming in Ireland. Email Minister Michael Creed and Taoiseach Enda Kenny now.
Email “Ban Fur Farming NOW” to michael.creed@oir.ie, minister@agriculture.gov.ie, taoiseach@taoiseach.gov.ie, AnimalHealthAndWelfareAct@agriculture.gov.ie

Tel: +353 (0)1-607 2000 or LoCall 1890-200510.

Leave a comment on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michaelcreedtd

Tweet “Ban fur farming NOW” to: @creedcnw

Tel: 01-607 2884 or LoCall 1890-200510.


Dear Minister Michael Creed / Taoiseach Enda Kenny,

I support a total ban on fur farming and an immediate closure of Ireland’s fur farms.

In these hellholes, animals suffer a horrendous life of misery before being cruelly gassed to death. There is absolutely no justification for allowing this cruelty to continue.

Please ban fur farming now.

Yours sincerely,


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