Doping of dogs in Ireland’s cruel greyhound industry

13 Dec

Exposed: The doping of dogs in Ireland’s cruel greyhound racing industry. The latest in a series of reports on RTE Radio 1’s Drivetime highlights the use of drugs to make greyhounds run faster or run slower and the inability of the industry to stop it.

“The Irish Greyhound Board says just 1 per cent of greyhound samples were positive for doping last year and so far this year, the figure is almost exactly the same,” reporter Barry Lenihan outlined. However, he explained that “all the phamacacology experts and vets I’ve stpoken to say  these figures should be treated with a large degree of scepticism.”

“Several reports have identified inefficiencies in Ireland’s anti-doping laws and the capacity of the national greyhound laboratory to detect some of the more common banned substances,” he continued. “The most recent of these – the Morris report commissioned by the Irish Greyhound Board itself – hightlights significant deficiencies in Irish anti-doping and medication control policies…It found the national greyhound laboratory doesn’t have the facilities to detect important mediations and doping agents at the levels required for effective anti-doping and mediation control.”

A representative of a greyhound breeders association pointed to the lack of deterrents to those doping dogs, saying “you can be caught with [prohibited substances, including cocaine] and you get a slap on the wrist and a mediocre fine which is ridiculous.”

Also highlighted during the report was the widespread concern about the export of Irish greyhounds to China and Spain. But appalling cruelty is common here in Ireland with injuries, deaths and mutilation of dogs and an estimated 10,000 going disappearing each year.

Cited was an €800 fine for a man after six greyhound wers found shot dead in a quarry (“he received no formal sanction from the greyhound industry”).

Also featured was a represantative of the Greyhound Rescue Association who focused on the suffering of dogs in the industry. One dog rescued from the midlands was emaciated, had mange, worms, fleas and “numerous scars and scrapes all over her body” while another was found with a broken leg  “She had a broken leg that had never received veterinary attention. At some point, maybe when she was training for the track or when she was being used for hunting or coursing, she broke her leg and nobody took her to a vet.

Barry Lenihan’s series of reports on the “serious concerns around the greyhound industry” (including doping, animal welfare problems, export of greyhounds to China, etc) continues tomorrow Friday on Drivetime. Listen live at

Shame on Minister Michael Creed and Minister Michael Noonan for continuing to pump millions of euros of Irish taxpayers’ money into this cruel industry despite being aware of the cruelty to animals involved.


Please sign and share our petition, urging the government to stop the funding

Tell the Irish Government to stop wasting millions of euros of taxpayers’ money on this cruel and dying industry.

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