“Three Amigos” singer sponsors cruel hare coursing

10 Nov


Shame on Three Amigos country and western singer Jimmy Buckley for sponsoring a hare coursing meeting in Galway today.

The fixtures booklet for the Galway & Oranmore coursing meeting shows that the “Derby Trial Stake” is “kindly sponsored by Jimmy Buckley of Jumeirah Kennels”.

According a notice on the Irish Greyhound Board website, Jimmy Buckley “runs his own kennels in Athenry and runs his dogs under the Jumeirah prefix.”

In the past, Jimmy Buckley has shamelessly declared his love of cruel hare coursing and greyhound racing. He is on record as saying: “I always loved [greyhound racing]. I always loved coursing. Been following it for many years. Something you can never get away from, thankfully. It’s a great escape from the music business. It’s great. I really enjoy it. It’s great to be here in Tubbercurry [hare coursing meeting] – a great meeting altogether.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja134fAgcec&feature=youtu.be

Buckley, who says his ambition is to “conquer the English country market”, is a solo singer and is also part of the Three Amigos group which is set to tour Ireland between December and February. He has also performed alongside Cavan singer and puppy farmer Eamon Jackson.

Please share this post and alert others to Jimmy Buckley’s support and sponsorship of cruel hare coursing.


If you wish to leave feedback for Jimmy Buckley, the contact details are

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimmybuckleymusic
Email: info@jimmybuckley.com
Text/Phone +353 (0)87 0667711 (Ireland) or +44 (0) 1948 667 689 (UK).

Witness the cruelty of Ireland’s hare coursing at

Sign our petition
Ireland – Ban cruel hare coursing


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