More of Spain’s shocking animal cruelty exposed

13 Oct

“Unbelievable, shocking and disgusting” – the reaction of Downtown Abbey star and animal welfare campaigner Peter Egan to the latest revelations of sick animal cruelty in Spain.

Disturbing video footage has emerged which shows tormented bulls

– chased by 4x4s, quad bikes and motorbikes
– hit with rocks
– prodded and hit with Spanish flags
– having their tails pulled and twisted
– shot in the head “when they can take no more”

PACMA Partido Animalista (The Party Against Animal Cruelty) which filmed the disgusting scenes say that “the situation is so out of control that the participants regularly document the mistreatment and share the videos on Youtube without consequences.”

“There are more than a hundred of these cruel car rallies in Guadalajara province alone,” the Mirror newspaper quoted PACMA president Silvia Barquero as saying. “Those taking part are blatantly breaking the law – many are drinking, but under Spanish law people are not allowed to take part in an encierro if they are under the affects of alcohol or drugs. The Civil Guard [police] are normally present but don’t appear to enforce the law.”

Shame on Spain for not acting to stop this deplorable barbarity.

Read more in the Mirror newspaper report




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