Greyhounds form the bulk of the abandoned dogs in Ireland

7 Aug


The plight of Ireland’s greyhounds has been highlighted on RTE Radio’s Sean O’Rourke Show. During a discussion about dog ownership (3rd August), journalist Sinead Ryan noted that “greyhounds form the bulk of the abandoned dogs – they’re old racing dogs, they’re ‘no good’ any more. The owners don’t want them – they cut the [identity] chip out of their ear and they’re abandoned.”

She went on to promote greyhounds as pets, saying “greyhounds actually make very, very good pets – although you consider them very large, they’re not a bad animal to have, even in a small house, because they need one burst of activity every single day and then they loll around.”

Also mentioned on the show was the appalling fate of some unwanted puppies – “A lot of people who don’t spay or neuter their animals end up with unwanted pups and they can end up, as we know, being drowned, left at the roadside and left at these charities.”

ICABS has thanked Sinead Ryan for highlighting the plight of greyhounds and encouraging people to adopt them.

Listen to the full discussion at

The Sean O’Rourke show is broadcast on RTE Radio 1, Monday to Friday from 10am


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