Calls for ban on gruesome geese-decapitation festival

27 Jul
On Monday of this week, a gruesome festival took place in the Spanish town of Toledo Carpio de Tajo. The annual ‘Correr los gansos’ – held in honour of Saint James the Apostle – involves euthanizing geese and hanging their bodies from a rope suspended over the town square. To the applause of heartless onlookers, men on horseback ride along beneath the hanging geese and reach out to pull off their heads.
The man who pulls off the most heads is declared the winner. The heads “serve as a trophy for their wives, sisters and mothers”.

Video footage filmed by animal protection group, PACMA, shows the sickening spectacle

A petition calling for a ban on the festival has so far been signed by over 80,000 people. The petition’s creator, Carmen Cordoba Mauri, says “This monstrous practice is done with the sponsorship of Carpio de Tajo (Toledo) and with the approval of the Catholic Church…it takes place with the silent complicity of parish priests between prayers and processions.”
Please sign the petition and share the link

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