Call for Garda enquiry into cattle shooting

9 Jul

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has written to the Garda Commissioner, calling for a garda investigation into the horrific gunning down of cattle on a farm at Annacroft, Carrickmacross, last Tuesday.

We contend that the manner in which the cattle were shot was brutal and cruel, and caused unnecessary suffering in breach of the Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013. We do not believe that those responsible for this horrific slaughter had no option but to take this course, and clearly it was a botched and bungled operation.

What is even more disgraceful is that the Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for animal welfare, sanctioned this brutality, and the Department of Defence participated, allowing the army to cruelly gun down these defenceless animals, while the Gardai stood by and let it happen.

We are aware that our call will probably be dismissed – given that three powerful state departments, Agriculture, Defence and Justice were involved – but we hope that the Garda Commissioner will do the right thing and order a garda investigation. An independent inquiry is also a must in this situation.




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