Urge Groupon to drop bullfighting from Marbella guide

5 Jul

Please join us in urging Groupon to remove bullfighting from “Groupon’s Guide to Marbella”. In the guide, barbaric bullfighting is described as a “cultural event” – https://www.groupon.ie/deals/ga-healthouse-las-dunas-gl-health-beach-spa-2

Contact details for Groupon

Groupon Ireland
Lower Ground Floor,
Connaught House,
1 Burlington Road, Dublin 4

Email: sm.support@groupon.ie,support@groupon.ie
Tel: +353 (0)1 903 6337


TWEET –  @GrouponIreland @Groupon Bullfighting is cruelty, not culture. Please remove bullfighting from your Marbella guide

If you are visiting a bullfighting country this summer (Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela), please do not visit bullfighting arenas or museums. Avoid purchasing any bullfight-related souvenirs.



groupon website 13590479_1004706139644944_7869584643840122168_n


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