Foxhunt internships an abuse of JobBridge scheme – John Brady TD

16 Jun

Sinn Fein TD, John Brady, has cited a foxhunt internship as an example of an abuse of the government’s JobBridge scheme.

Speaking in the Dail on May 25th, the Wicklow TD stated: “When businesses advertise JobBridge internships in which they seek applicants such as fully qualified architects or, as in a more recent one which was for a fox hunting organisation advertising for a position for a first whipper-in, it is clear that the scheme has been abused and continues to be abused.”

In March, ICABS called for the whipper-in internship with a foxhunt in Waterford to be removed from the JobBridge website. According to a description on the site – “the intern will receive formal/informal training in the following hound management, whipping in, etiquette and on completion the intern will have attained skills in whipping in and will be positioned well to take up a position in hunt service as a whipper in and continue their training to take up the role of a professional huntsman.”

Although the listing was removed following complaints, ICABS learned that this did not mean the position had been scrapped. We were told by the Department that “while the advert has been taken down, the company can still fill the internship vacancy provided they continue to meet the Terms & Conditions of the scheme.”

In May, another foxhunt-related internship – this time for a kennel groom in Tipperary – appeared on the JobBridge website. That too was deleted after ICABS complained.

Responding to John Brady TD’s appeal for JobBridge to be scrapped “with immediate effect”, the Minister for Social Protection, Leo Varadkar, said the he plans to “either abolish it altogether or replace it with a more targeted scheme in September”.


Tell Minister Leo Varadkar and the Department of Social Protection to immediately exclude animal cruelty groups from the JobBridge scheme and to prevent any such groups from benefiting from JobBridge’s eventual replacement.

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Phone Leo Varadkar’s office: (01) 704 3000

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Department of Social Protection – Stop offering foxhunting internships


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