Hotel Kilkenny hosted hare coursing awards

8 Jun

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The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has expressed disappointment to Hotel Kilkenny after it emerged the hotel hosted the “Irish Coursing Club Gala Awards” earlier this year.

According to the Irish Coursing Club website, “Hotel Kilkenny looked after us exceedingly well”.

In an email to the hotel, ICABS stated: “This awards event was for the owners of greyhounds unleashed to chase live hares in an activity considered cruel and barbaric by the majority of Irish citizens. Due to the cruelty involved, coursing is illegal in all our neighbouring jurisdictions (Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales) and there is an ongoing campaign to secure a ban here in the Republic.”

“Every coursing season, hares suffer painful injuries and die during coursing meetings around the country,” we added. “During the past coursing season, we witnessed dozens of agitated hares in an enclosure prior to being uses as lures for greyhounds. We have seen hares being hit and mauled into the ground.”


An awards event celebrating animal cruelty is an absolute obscenity. Please join us in appealing to Hotel Kilkenny not to host any future hare coursing events.

Hotel Kilkenny, College Road, Kilkenny
Tel: +353 (0)56 776 2000
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Watch videos showing the cruelty of hare coursing


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